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I got to the bar last night at around 7:15pm, through my usual powers of procrastination. I wanted a little time to inundate the cable and mixer board with contact cleaner, which I keep at the bar.

Nasty stuff. Sprays everywhere, and even if I wash my hands immediately, itches like hell - not to mention the stuff I get in my lungs. I'd complain about what it might be doing to my lifespan, except I live in an urban smog layer.

Not to mention the five years in Pasadena.

Anyway, I was set up largely on time, and for whatever reason, the new mic performed flawlessly. I could actually hear the difference in the sound. Though their touted "silent switch?" Not so much.

Of course, I also got to hear another difference - I'd apparently knocked the yellow mic's gain knob all the way up while cleaning some gunk off the mixer. The first time I turned it on, we had immediate feedback from hell. I still need to properly balance that with the red one...

Anyway. kshandra walked into the bar at just about 8:30pm, followed shortly by a group of LJ acquaintances I don't know. The notable one for me being Paul E, who sings rather well. It's also the first time someone's done La Bilirrubina. Good to know that the nightmare of attributing those discs had some value.

I started at 8:45pm, and ended up with a reasonably busy evening, filled with non-regulars. From timenchanter's report, filled with non-drinkers, too, but ya can't have everything.

Not too surprisingly, given the late game, we only got one Stripe: snafflekid. But there were new groups like Pamela, Ernest, and Mike. Not to mention Scott, Josh, and Adi. Though the name Adi seemed vaguely familiar.

This slightly decrepit-looking guy who called himself Jorgie (I'm still not sure how to pronounce that) put in three songs. He didn't match the lyrics, but was actually pretty good - and definitely entertaining.

genuine_snark put in an appearance, and got Joyce to sing (three times!). She's apparently never done karaoke before, but will hopefully do so again. Nice voice, that one, especially if she practices more.

sparkle_journal and jackal_logic made a triumphant return from their tour of Chicago and Indiana.

tankgirl came out for a second day of karaoke (once she figured out how to get there - well, actually, how to get away from where she was. I feel better about my driving gyrations on Wednesday).

And many more. The second rotation had about 24 people in it, and the night as a whole was 6 rotations long, ending at 1:45am.

Kirsten, being still on vacation, not only stuck out the whole night, but joined foxypinkninja, Timmie, and myself at Denny's afterward. Hopefully we weren't too boring - most of the conversation was relationship-related, and furthermore I wasn't all that conscious. Apparently two Negronis a night is a little more than I should attempt.

Though it was worth it just for the expression on Timmie's face. I've discovered a variant of Bleh that even smells bitter.

Tips were not exciting, though I'm still sitting on enough from Monday for two new discs. I just have to have enough in my bank account to pay for them - rent, and my lavish lifestyle, have pretty much tapped me out. I'm waiting on the check from SJSU, which is supposed to arrive this week. There's still tomorrow...

And that's it. I have a mellow afternoon ahead of me - all I have to do is make it to La Fondue this evening for dinner with Beth and Vee. Then I might drop by Hunter's to wish Kendall a happy birthday, if he's still conscious enough to hear it.

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