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Bruce [userpic]

After my last post, I finally got the energy to clear my bed enough to sleep in it. I don't remember too clearly, but I think the sun had just appeared at the time...

Anyway, I woke up around 1:00pm yesterday, and was up and out of the house looking for extra cabling by 3:00pm. My plans for 5:00pm fell through (which is a good thing), and I came back to the Duplex and started operating on the case. timenchanter even mentioned that I looked like a surgeon arm-deep in a patient at one point.

Everything appears to work at least as well as it did before. A few things that were supposed to work better... don't. This is mildly irritating. I know at least one of the issues, but...

tankgirl called to talk about maybe going to the bar and singing later, and as it turned out, I had everything sewn back up screwed together just as she was arriving at the apartment.

The funny thing is that she tried to drive here, and ended up parking her car at a further walking distance than her place. She lives right around the corner.

Timmie joined us, and we descended on Julz and Dana's show. Not a bad crowd for a Wednesday. Shane immediately tried to hit on Angela, with what appeared to be some success at first. It was fun to watch.

I got a little toasty, and had Dana remarking to Julz that they should get me drunk more often. Apparently she hasn't heard enough of the bad jokes I make when I'm sober...

Anyway, a fun time, even if their sound system was sounding even more like crap than usual. Some very odd "fluttering" noises were coming out of it when they weren't playing anything. But they won't touch the bar system...

Of course, I should make superior comments after I see how my system sounds tonight...

The three of us dropped by the Mini (Well, "dropped by" isn't quite true. The 280 South was closed, which ended up with me driving spirals around the map before getting there), and had some good, solid greasy spoon food before heading back.

And then I started testing the new setup. Again, it works. This is good. What's odd, is, well...

The new mic sounds really nice (at least on the crappy speakers I use here), but there were a few cutting out problems when I first plugged it in, leading to suspicions that, well, the mic may not have been the problem. I'm about to go get some more contact cleaner.

The recording line back from the mixer to the PC is a mono ¼" to 3.5mm cable, the idea being that it would take the mono signal, and send it to both sides of the stereo PC connection. That's normally how these things behave. I'm only, apparently, getting the left channel. This isn't a serious problem, but it's odd.

Oh wait - duh - the mono jack just has a larger ground area, so of course the right channel is grounded. Hmmm...

Without thinking, I replaced the connection to the reverb unit with a stereo splitter cable, since the reverb unit doesn't do any left-right jack normalling. I'm still only getting a signal on the left channel there (like before), but that's because plugging a stereo plug into a mono jack doesn't get you a signal on both channels - the ring contact is left floating.

I haven't played with the extra headphone line yet, mostly because I've been concerned about the other stuff. But at least it's installed. As well as the steel video connector plate I bought many moons ago to replace the aluminum one that's bent all out of shape.

And I still have video hum on the outputs. Not as bad as what the bar adds to the front TVs, but still quite noticeable. Dammit.

And that's about it. I emailed a guy about a possible regular gig at The Jungle Fun. Could be interesting - I like getting the young'uns to sing. I'd probably have to add an "obscene" field to the database, though...

And now, back to the cable shopping. Sweetwater not only has really good prices, but they don't charge shipping - and they call to make sure everything's copacetic. I'd highly recommend them.

InstrumentPro, not so much (I'm not giving them the benefit of a link). I'm still waiting for my mic clip from them. Only after ordering did I run into message boards telling of horror stories involving them. I've been told the thing was "just about to ship" for a few weeks, now. Different days each time...

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Jungle Fun?
That's reminding me of the birthday party my younger attended, and their disappointment at not having enough Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, High School Musical, Camp Rock, and all other Disney + Nickelodeon type content.
Beyond that, it seems on the same level of corruption as us going to elementary schools to do morris on May Day.

There's no longer an excuse to not have that stuff - Disney discs are pretty inexpensive. All one has to do is survive listening to it...

Though, frankly, the quality of the kid-oriented stuff today is pretty good. It's just still "It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To" shallow. I mean, almost all Hannah Montana songs have exactly the same theme.

I don't even need to watch the show, since I already know the plot.

But anyway, yeah, the level of corruption is similar. The main difference with karaoke is that it more directly encourages self-expression, rather than just showing how different can be cool...