Bruce (kor27) wrote,

I'll Procrastinate Tomorrow

I need to either start work with all this shtuff, or find spots to put it so I can, y'know, use my bed, since it's all piled on top.

Which is why I'm posting, which doesn't involve all that nasty "getting out of my chair" involved in either choice.

So what have I done? Well, laundry - the sheets still need to be done (hopefully tomorrow), but at least I have clean pants and underwear. These are good things.

I ended up at the Pruneyard Hobee's around 7:00pm, and munched while I finally got around to updating the bar website. Julz had contacted me requesting a mention of the Tuesday show two days ago.

I'd feel a lot worse about this if I was paid to maintain the site.

Of all things, Mena apparently works nearby, and saw me on her break - so she popped in to say hi. That was kinda cool.

I was supposed to hang out with raven2000 some time after 9:00pm. I popped over to Rasputin Records while waiting, just to get a feel for used CD prices (they mostly seem to be kinda flat, with adhesive backing). At maybe 9:30pm she called to say she just didn't feel up to company, and was going to bed.

I can respect that.

So I came home, and proceeded to do not too much at all. The main accomplishment since then has been acquiring supper for myself and timenchanter at Carl's Jr.

I have decided that I'm just gonna rebuild the rack completely (Not that hard a job, actually) rather than fiddle with individual parts. And I've also got an idea of how I'm going to strap the wall warts to the new power conditioner.

I discovered about a year ago that if I don't, they fall off during transport with disturbing regularity. And the new conditioner has a completely different arrangement of sockets.

This of course would be a lot easier if I wasn't aiming to not immediately void the warranty...

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