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Bruce [userpic]
Who Rode on the Back of a Tiger


Since my previous post on the subject:

"Suzana" got back to me, just one day later (August 29th), with:


My client has finally approved you for the wedding.. Payment will be made out to you in check. Get back to me with name, address and phone number so payment can be made out to you so as to get your service booked for the wedding.
Await your response

In fact, I mentioned it that day. I just got around to calling the local FBI office, which referred me to the national clearinghouse website for such things: The Internet Crime Complaint Center. I just finished filling out a "complaint form" on the site.

Dunno if anything will happen. For one thing, my losses are marked as "0"...

Before too long, I feel I'm going to have to respond to her. Sigh.

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You have dealt with Paula, you surely know how to string someone along by now?

Like yourself, dear, I'm more of a stringee than a stringer.