Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Goings On

Shortly after my last post, in order to avoid doing anything productive, I found a new little thought to play with, and wrote a quite Python program to get me the number of tracks acquired by date into a spreadsheet form, so I could play with the data.

Over the last year, I've been acquiring tracks at about a rate of 3.25 a day. In the last 6 months, it's been closer to 5.5. I likes it. If I can keep this up, I'll have a very decent collection by 2014, at the latest.

I woke up again around 10:30am, and proceeded onto a different useless obsession: Custom pens. Granted, I do this every time I have to buy pens, and it's not completely useless. For one thing, having half of Paula's caches of pens be mine is just kinda annoying right now. If they had my imprint on them, I'd find it funny.

I'm still considering it. Just now I bought 21 pens for $9 (granted, nice ones), and I can order 250 (decent) ones for $95 plus, well, shipping.

I should probably figure out how I'm gonna pay tomorrow's rent first, though.

So anyway, no progress on all the other things I should have been doing.

I got up and out of the house around 2:00pm, bought a load of snacks at Trader Joe's, and booked it to the Hampton's for their BBQ, already in progress.

Much fun, and quite a bit of weirdness. I would never have thought that hollyk and hektikat would bond quite so well. As the evening wore on, a large part of the party formed a kind of circle of weirdness around the two of them.

Parts of the evening are justifiably fuzzy. candiddani showed up twice, the first time in quite a nice peasantish outfit whose attraction had nothing to do with the translucency of the skirt. Really.

entropyca and deekers not only showed up, but spent most of the evening.

trivialt played a lot of Wii.

The new neighbor showed up with a couple of girls in tow, and started ranting about KoC at one point. I thought he looked familiar. He had something to do with Adrenochrome.

qzar_mystik came for a few hours, justifiably upset, and gave me more shit for calling a guy hot. Of course, then cekyr0 chimed in about how this guy looks.

And so on. I left around 2:00am or so, came home, and delved back into pens for a bit before collapsing.

And now I'm back up, and back looking at pens. Though I'll hopefully take a break soon, and figure out how I'm paying the aforementioned rent...

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