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I'm trying to remember the last day or so. It's kinda foggy, in large part because sleep, in this heat, has been kinda elusive.

I had dinner at Red Robin yesterday, and got my beard trimmed down a bit at Supercuts. Less facial insulation is a good thing right now.

I got to the bar at around 7:15pm, to assess the Wayne damage. Nothing too serious. The main right side speaker is now suspended under the old DJ booth overhang. I adjusted it a bit to (1) hang vaguely upright and (2) not be so much in contact with the jukebox. The people who installed that aren't going to be thrilled.

Jose and compatriot showed up not too long after I did, and started trying to get the lights to work. Actually, they mostly took them down to clean and repair, some with my help.

The irritating thing is that they kept right on through show start time, though, to be honest, we didn't have enough people to start until about 9:00pm.

It was a relatively slow night, for whatever reason. Both the heat and the weekend come to mind. I did 7 rotations before closing down at 1:45am, so from that point of view it was similar to Monday. Except all of them were about the same size, and we didn't have much in terms of spectators. The bar apparently did about as well as an old Sunday.

Still, a nice group of people. And some interesting times. spawrhawk made a rare appearance, with Dominic in tow. A fairly hot young guy named Patrick sang a couple of songs. He's just turned 21, and got all excited over Mikey, since he's also a dancer.

And another fairly good-looking guy named Bryce, who was singing Josh Groban to his boyfriend.

and markobellydance, and trivialt, and Jason, and Harmony, and Aaron, just to name a few.

chargerboy came in, just released from summer camp. So it's not too surprising that at one point all the guys took their shirts off. That sort of thing just happens around Gabe.

I think J was hitting on me at one point, but I'm not good at seeing that sort of thing.

Afterwards, timenchanter and I dropped by IHOP, where I surfed and he read. Then home. Against my usual pattern, I haven't hooked up the karaoke system yet. It's easier to remove from the workbench when it's not hooked up, it heats up the place less, I have stuff I want to use the workbench for, and I need to do some work on the rack, anyway. Etc.

Not that I've done anything, mind you, but the possibility exists.

This afternoon I left the house around 2:30pm, and dropped by SJSU to try to get in contact with the person in charge of my "contract." She of course wasn't there - I discovered she only works from 7:00am to 2:00pm Monday through Thursday (when she's there). I'll try again on Tuesday, if I don't hear back.

Then I went off to see Mena. That wasn't planned, but she called to ask if I could help pick up Mellie from school so they didn't have to walk in this heat. Cupertino isn't too far, so I did that, hung out for a few hours, ended up hanging out as well with her friend Gretchen, who I hadn't seen in quite some time, and generally just had a fun time chatting.

She seems to have landed in decent circumstances, which is good.

Then I found a place to dump my empty toner cartridges (without a store discount this time, dammit), got some pens, got a replacement Costco card (I have no idea what happened to the old one, which is kinda scary), bought some TP for the Duplex (we had only one replacement roll left), did dinner at Chevy's, and dropped by the bar.

It's disturbing how much wouldn't get done if I didn't. Just odd little things that you wouldn't think would go wrong. Anyway, I handled a few problems, played a couple of games of pool with Melissa, talked with Jason and Aaron, laughed at Dana being forced to be a bouncer, and then, around 10:30pm or so, came home.

And here I am. The question now is, do I try doing something productive, or do I try sleeping? The latter is sounding awfully inviting right now.

Minor factoids: I have three new discs, which will be incorporated by Monday (not to mention likely to be found more interesting than the last four), and my Nigerian friend responded positively to my last message. I'm apparently going to have to call the FBI on Tuesday.

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