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Moon Phase

December 2020
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Bruce [userpic]

I just got a call from Wayne. He just switched the two speakers on the door side of the stage - something we'd discussed, actually, and far from the worse idea in the world.

There are just two things. First, he can't get the larger speaker to work, apparently because he neglected to hook up both of the cables he had to disconnect in the first place. Though even then there might be problems - the grunge has been so thick on some of those speaker jacks that I've had to desolder them, file it off, then resolder them.

But then he had to tell me that it "made all the difference" in the amount of shake felt through the roof. No shit, Sherlock - only one of the speakers is running, and that's the one with the lesser bass response.

Apparently I'm going to have to come into the bar early, to make sure the system actually functions.


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Mood: annoyedannoyed

Oy. How early are we talking? I'm awake, finally.

Oh, just sevenish. Unless he's done something really boneheaded, I should be able to fix it by swapping the speakers back.

Why can't that man leave well enough alone? Man, he used to bug the shit outta me on Saturday nights...

Y'know, I was about to say something about "well, at least the last bit (temporarily) solved a lot of our problems with next door."

I really was. Until I remembered that while he did provide the initial push, looking at sound insulation and moving the subwoofer was the result of my pushing back.

He just wanted to hang some cheap-ass Radio Shack speakers above the bar. 'Cause that would help...

Hell, he's probably there hanging them now - and attaching them to the amp we removed because it was failing badly...