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Well, I never called SJSU, but I did take the car in. I was told to not panic about the clutch until it starts to regularly do that, that my warning light is something probably not worth worrying about in the PVR system, and given a $30 oil change.

A much cheaper afternoon than I was expecting.

Then I came home and more or less slept. Apparently I don't sleep restfully when it's 97°...

I crawled back out of bed around 7ish, and started doing... stuff...

It's been obvious for a long time that the way I handle showtunes is less than optimal. Unless one is used to my book, one is not going to look at the beginning of the Artist book for the stuff in quotation marks - one is going to look under the show name like a normal person, and find nothing.

Furthermore, even then, one may be out of luck. I've always given general priority to the particular performer over the show, so, if one wants to sing Nowadays from "Chicago," one isn't going to find it under "Chicago," because it's quite comfortably ensconced under Zellweger, Renée. Granted, it's in the Title book, but still.

Or even better - I have the Ballad of Jedd Clampett listed under Flatt & Scruggs. Now, I generally think this is a good thing - Flatt & Scruggs have a hard-won place in music history - but almost anyone looking for the song would be, y'know, looking under "Beverly".

So, what's been percolating slowly through the thing I use for a brain is the thought of adding a separate "show" field to the database, including both artist and show in the book's "artist" section, listing songs that have both show and artist attribution twice, and creating a separate "showtunes" section in the catalog.

So in prep for that, I did something else I've been planning to do for a while: Putting the database dump and related scripts under CVS, so I can back out of any serious problems. Not to mention that it means that if I do something truly stupid to the database (or have it hacked), and don't find out until I've propagated changes to all my various backup locations, I'll now have a history of it to fall back on.

And then, partially to exercise the CVS thing, and partially because I was thinking about it, I changed the database collation from latin1_swedish_ci to latin1_german1_ci. This involved more script work than I'd expected, but still, it meant that Mötley Crüe can now be, well, Mötley Crüe. There are still some issues with that (at least, there will be if I ever run into a Ÿ), but it's the best I can do right now without changing character sets (I hear utf8_general_ci is lovely this time of year).

Anyway, that was a pleasant way of passing the time and ignoring the heat until around 10:00pm or so, when the thought of food became mildly urgent. So I cleaned up and motored down to the Cheesecake factory, where I overstuffed myself on soup and a "Navajo" sandwich, and enjoyed the air conditioning.

And now I'm back home, with the only question being which silly project to work on now.

Or should I just try to sleep, since the temperature in my room is now down to a chilly 84°? Decisions, decisions...

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