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Bruce [userpic]

timenchanter and I got to the BBQ just a little late, so we were the first ones there. Ken has quite an impressive place. I should have brought trunks for the jacuzzi.

Timmie had to leave early for the bar, so he wasn't there too long - and then, of course, it turned out that it wasn't all that vital that he be at the bar early. So it goes.

It turned out to be a Wednesday night karaoke BBQ, which was kind of fun. Well, apart from Ken's girlfriend Karen, who obviously felt a little out of place.

So I joked around with Julz, Dana, Chase, Bob, and, um, I think her name is Laura? Anyway, a cute nurse that mostly goes to the Wednesday shows.

As was covered in the comments to my last post, hektikat was busy having her friends get her drunk, which, I'd be willing to bet, was a lot more fun for her than this gathering.

Julz, Dana, and I spent a lot of time trading karaoke war stories, where I tried really hard to stay out of one-up mode. With some success.

We broke up around 10:00pm, and I came home and kinda zoned out. Around 2:00am I had supper with Timmie, who was mostly trying to recover from a fog machine-induced headache, then came back, zoned for a while, then slept.

An odd, vivid dream, involving owning a huge house (wonder where I got that idea?), though this one was of the size of a shopping mall. I was in a room at the end of the building on the first floor with several people, including princesskiti22, when a car smashed through the wall, knocking it flat, and just missing me by inches. There was a desperate search for Keri, who was found outside the building, with her face badly skinned, but with an appearance of consciousness.

Then a fruitless search for my cellphone to call 911, which was somehow several floors up a wooden staircase...

Yeah, I woke up in a really good mood.

I suppose it's been a productive afternoon. My shipment from Malaysia arrived, but I wasn't available, so it's being held at the post office - because, obviously, a piece of bent metal, a short cable, and a plastic header worth a total of $6 needs to be signed for.

Four discs are supposed to arrive today, but by UPS, so I'll probably have to go pick them up tomorrow too.

I've called the people that I ordered the mic clip from, and got a "It'll be in our warehouse tomorrow, and we'll be shipping it out then."

I've also emailed my administrative contact at SJSU, to make sure everything's kosher.

And now, I think I'll go back to bed.

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I'm okay, & without a skinned face :D incase you were wondering!

Glad to hear it!

Though I wasn't particularly worried. My dreams tend to be more symbolic than prophetic...