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After my last post, I finally got around to practicing engraving on my sample piece of acrylic.

It was fairly easy to stay within the lines, and I even had pretty good control at the maximum stroke depth.

On the other hand, the result showed no extra glow when the piece was side-lit. In fact, without direct light, the engraved part tended to disappear - it was just, well, white. I'm not sure what the deal is. The samples I've seen on-line are fairly explicitly glowing.

So, I'm just going to use my "template" decals as labels. Black is at least somewhat visible. The toner scratches off kinda easily, so later tonight or tomorrow I'm going to apply a second label layer on top of the ones I've got, hopefully without adding too much in terms of bubbles, then add the paired layers to the jar - again, hopefully without too much in terms of bubbles.

Around 5:00pm, timenchanter and I climbed in my car, had some food at Panera, then wended our way to the bar, where insanity was already in progress.

The weirdest bit being that Julz and Dana were there singing karaoke. This is one of the things I find strange about the whole Julz and Dana bit. Shortly after they showed up, Paula gave Julz a key, and she and Dana just wander in at odd hours to use the place as their personal karaoke box.

There's a friggin' CAVS logo burned into the big LCD screen, and LCD screens aren't even supposed to burn in.

Anyway. Did some setup for Jose, mostly spots on various parts of the dance floor (which all had shifted position by the end of the night, of course). I left around 6:45pm, got back to the Duplex, loaded my speakers, and set off for SJSU.

Even with traffic, I was a little bit early - so I drove around a bit, sort of looking for a stationery store (my pens are getting scarce), but mostly just enjoying the ride.

I got back at 7:30pm, phoned my contact, and started loading.

The last time I played at the Dining Commons, Seth had prepared a parking space for me, and furthermore got the fence to the docks unlocked, so I could use the kitchen elevator.

Not this time. The rack itself was transported up a neighboring elevator (after being manhandled across a berm), everything else was carried up a 20' staircase (by moi, of course), and then I got to search around for a parking space. I found a legal one two blocks away.

Oddly enough, I was ready to go at 9:00pm sharp. I'm apparently getting better at this shit. I don't think I even looked like a complete dork raising the speakers, which is truly amazing (I normally almost knock them over, and get my hair caught somewhere).

A much slower night this time, though I had a continuous set of singers. The last time, I ended up with three columns of singers on the chart. This time was more like 30 singers total. Half of them doing duets with a girl names Shelsy, who's quite the karaoke whore. And a lot of fun. She took my card, and may organize another event.

On the embarrassing side, well, two things. First off, the mic, unsurprisingly, failed several times during the evening. I'm starting to think it's the XLR connection to the mic body. I think it's time for a contact cleaner treatment.

A new mic would be good too, but the list of equipment I want right now totals to something like $500.

At least it gives me something to covet. Coveting is fun.

Secondly, about a third of the way through the night I started to think that the background music sounded odd, and then it hit me that I was only hearing it from one speaker. There was only one tilted my way, but still. The readout on the feedback eliminator was lopsided, as was the one on the mixer, though the player showed a full stereo signal.

The audience seemed happy, so I didn't want to stop and fiddle in the middle of the show, but I spent a good part of the night wondering if I now needed to replace my motherboard, since I'm using the integrated sound.

After everyone had left (Right on time at midnight, this time, since after 4 rotations they were happy enough to go), I played a video and started checking it out - turns out the connectors to the PC had partially fallen out. Both of them to the same extent, which is weird. There shouldn't be much strain on them.

Something to add to the setup checklist.

My contact/aide, Liz, wanted to go home, so I ended up leaving everything on the balcony in front of the commons, unguarded (well, except, again, for the rack, which was taken down by elevator and left by the berm), then I marched to the car, zoomed back, and checked for missing pieces.

I wasn't worried about the rack - anyone trying to steal it is more likely to hurt themselves - but the rest of the stuff is really easy to pick up and carry away. And university or not, this was downtown SJ.

But it was all there. By 1:00am I had a packed car, and a set of clothes drenched in sweat. This whole KJ thing can definitely be a workout.

Dropped most of the stuff off at the Duplex, then headed back to the bar (I had to. Timmie had left his keys in the back seat). I didn't even go inside until after closing, because I was busy talking to Dana and Paul A. And we all periodically let Timmie vent. Well, "let" might not be the right word...

I did some turning off of lights, but mostly hung out with them while other people worked. Gave a slight lecture on mixer/amp use to Dana, among other things.

Then a pleasant supper at Denny's with Timmie and Paul, then home, where I fell asleep trying to catch up with doings on the 'net.

And that's about it. I've slept most of the day away, and need to get going - I'm late for the 'rents, and I need to pick up some drycleaning before 6:00pm.

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