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I believe I got out of the house around 6:00pm yesterday.

I had dinner at Chevy's, then got to the bar pretty much on time. There was a bit of delay because Jose and a helper were there, setting up for this weekend. Nothing hugely difficult, just that I can be a little easier to communicate with than Paula.

He was running her around, so I didn't stop her to talk. Not too surprising - I'm not real good at asserting myself. I'm sure that's a shock to many.

I was, however, ready to go on time, which is good - we had singers. In fact, a lot of singers. Not as crazy as last week (I ran for 5 rotations this time), but the initial two rotations were 20 long.

Even so, it was kinda odd having Paula say something about it "being slow" at the end of the night. Either a lot of people weren't drinking (as opposed to the ones that got fairly wasted), or she's not counting the credit card sales again.

sugarbare was bartending, but apparently for the last time. She has family obligations, and apparently insists on occasional sleep. So timenchanter will be tending on Thursdays, too.

There were just too many people to attempt listing. Curtis was back, and we had the last we'll see of sparkle_journal and jackal_logic for a few weeks (They're off to Chicago).

I believe I only made one mistake during the evening, which isn't too bad.

genuine_snark tried to tip me through PayPal, but the app he downloaded for the purpose bricked his iPhone. Apparently the damn thing has a non-removable battery and no reset. So he had a hand-warmer for the rest of the night.

Tips were kinda low, so no new purchases this time. Though many thanks to kizmet100, who made a point of putting a dollar in the jar every time she sang. If everyone simply did that, my nightly income would be significantly higher.

I closed down at 1:50am, then started a complete pack up job for tonight's SJSU show. Which I'm hopefully getting paid for (long story, involving insurance and a person out of the office for a couple of weeks).

Then some time at IHOP with a very drunk Timmie, a tipsy Maggie, supersniffles, h20crazyguy, and foxypinkninja. Wonderful people, though the experience kind of wavered between fun and annoying, for a variety of reasons.

But the food was good.

Then home, and sleep. I didn't bother unpacking the car. Today's activities are going to involve getting Timmie to the bar around 5:00pm, helping some with setup, then home to pick up my speakers, and to SJSU by 7:30pm to start setup.

Since I can't seem to get myself to sleep anymore, I'm gonna practice engraving. At least the worktable's clear.

In the interstices - I've been shopping. A lot. For a lot of things. Actually, it's amazing how many things I have on order right now.

If no-one's noticed, I'm a gadget whore. It's one of the things I love about karaoke - it gives me a legitimate excuse for a whole load of esoteric toys. And there are quite a few more that I want.

I've been playing around with getting an LED light for the mixer, and one for the keyboard. I'm not always in situations where I have a lot of ambient light. At the same time, there's a little problem with my main power supply. I could easily fix it, but it's a lot more fun to look at shiny new replacements.

Enter the Furman PL-8 II. It's got better line protection than my old RR-15, LED lights instead of incandescent, a gooseneck light connector on the back, and a front AC outlet.

It's also middling expensive. And even more so when you start to add in, say, the cost of the gooseneck light - they're a specialty item, and a lot more pricey than your average USB notebook light.

But it's fun to shop.

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