Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Leafy Greens

After my last post, I managed some creative shopping. The second sound channel should cost just a little over $12 (including shipping) from two different locations. I say "should" only because I'm not sure they can actually get the parts to me for that price, but it's what both websites said.

Then I just had to go and find an auction for an e835s on eBay. In Britain. I've bid slightly more than I'd have to pay for the e825s here in the States, including shipping. Not that I can afford even that, to be honest.

And the price is just ridiculous for the poor seller. Nobody's sniped me yet - but there are a few minutes left. My bank account hopes I lose it.

I finally got around to eating the food that was pushed on me at the Thursday lunch thing. It fit with the Hawaiian theme: pulled pork, tonkatsu (without sauce), and macaroni salad. A very small amount of macaroni salad.

As per my usual issues, I had to eat the whole damn thing, meaning I was sitting around feeling like I'd swallowed a whole pig. Waaay too much protein.

I got up to the Dome around 6:30pm, and visited the exhausted parents - they'd been to lunch at their friend Carol's place, and it was apparently a bit of an ordeal. But then, my dad's both delicate and woefully picky.

They were fortunately feeling like something light, so my mom put together a salad with tuna (as opposed to a tuna salad), and I had an unusual amount of leafy greens and strawberries. Then I came home.

An exciting visit, it was.

An hour or two after I got home, I was feeling kinda queasy, so I headed to the nearest convenience store, and got myself an Its-it and a bag of honey roasted cashews. Just as I had suspected, I needed something to counteract all that foreign vegetable matter - everything settled right down.

I rescanned a couple more discs, then slept for a while. I should be going back to bed shortly, but in the meantime I've finally printed out the templates for the tip jar project. I've been delaying on the engraving part for two reasons. First, it involves me doing freehand with a sharp instrument. Freehand is not my forte. In this case, all I have to do is keep within the outlines - but I'm not sure I'll be able to.

Second, I'm going to end up with acrylic dust everywhere. I need to clear off my workbench and set up the vacuum cleaner to try to pick up as much dust as I can while I make it. But I'm still never going to get rid of the stuff.

Oh. The humanity.

Back to bed I go.

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