Bruce (kor27) wrote,

The Engines Hold

I stopped at Starving Musician yesterday. Nothing I was looking for - and it turned out I walked in just as they were closing. But whatever.

Then on to Fry's because, well, it was on the way.

Oddly, no appropriate mic clips there, either. Or anything else worth waiting for a register.

I got to the bar about 10 minutes late, but still set up on time, which was good. This despite some delay talking to Paula, which was worth it - she gave me a gift card for my help last week.

It even covers more than my expenses.

Anyway - I had about 5 people lined up before 8:30pm, and started on the dot. Given the first rotation didn't technically fully end until some time around 11:00pm, starting on time was definitely a good idea.

Yeah, it was crowded. maiandra was celebrating getting a job, 1ferritgurl was, well, not so much celebrating as taking advantage of being in the area, synkitty was diverting herself from some issues, Jasmine was visiting, rue_gingertabby was chasing me all over the building, and kshandra had recently re-purpled hair.

Rain came back, and brought some new friends - including a rather fun girl named Emma, who was quite entertaining.

sparkle_journal and jackal_logic were fun as always. candiddani was lovely as ever, even if she felt crowded, and even if I did make her hunch over the knot in her top every time I was near.

sugarbare was manning the bar again, which I gather I should be expecting on Thursdays for the foreseeable future. This makes me happy.

I actually went out in search of tips, and got enough for another disc - in the process Carrie showed me a pair. Though she didn't put them in the jar. I would have taken them in hand, too...

We had a near full complement of Stripes. I found it amusing that cekyr0 was intimidated enough by the quality of some of the new people that he decided to only do his best tunes. No complaints on my side.

A good part of the last half of the night saw timenchanter and Alex stereo macking on a new guy. That was fun to watch.

snafflekid kissed a girl again, and liked it this time too.

The new Alex showed up again, sang a Britney and a Christina, and ended up, I believe, with trivialt. Apparently gay bars abhor a Mitchell vacuum.

And much, much more. I had about 38 singers last night, and managed 3 rotations and 5 songs before 2:00am.

A lot of upbeat music, and a very good energy. Hell, twitchet not only did Baby Got Back, but did quite an impressive job of shaking what she had. Terry the Wino was even only minimally irritating.

The odd thing is that as far as I can remember, I didn't make any mistakes. My vocal mic kept cutting out, but I managed my way around that, and always got the right song queued up for the right person.

The database interface turned out to be a huge advantage - I was able to use it to correct something like 10 song numbers over the length of the night, which kept everything flowing that much more smoothly.

Of course, it took me until 2:45am to completely finish shutting down and loading up the car. Most of that was due to the extra slip filing time. The exhaustion accounted, I'm sure, for no more than 10 minutes.

Then I went off to IHOP to join Synthia, Devon, Jasmine, and an unconscious Beckah. Devon bought me my meal, as compensation for never having thought to tip me.

Works for me.

Then I drove Jasmine home, wove myself back to the Duplex, sat down to catch up on LJ, and woke up in my chair around 8;00am. Then into bed until about 1:00pm.

Apart from dinner here, most of the day was spent incorporating new discs.

And now I'm off to markobellydance and celticnoor's place with some donations in hand for tomorrow's garage sale.

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