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Bruce [userpic]
That Time Again

So three of the latest purchases came in today: CB-30071, PRO-001, and LS-203.

The first is some recent pop, the second songs from The Producers and The Full Monty, and the third is some additional Latin music - the music of Marco Antonio Muñiz, including his version of Bésame Mucho.

I still have a disc I ordered on the 3rd outstanding - I just emailed them to ask if there's an ETA (I wouldn't be surprised if they can't get a hold of it. It's out of print and pretty rare). And I made enough in tips last night to order another one. Possibly even two, if I pick inexpensive discs...

Anyway, the track count is now up to 13,239, and the unique song count is at 9,995.

All the files on the songs page are updated, I'll have new update sheets on Sunday - all the usual shtuff.

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