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Bruce [userpic]
Way United

Last night's big accomplishment was making it to the Cheesecake Factory. Woo! Go me!

Etc, etc.

Which isn't precisely true. I mentioned recently that I'd divided the pile of discs in the Duplex to those more recently - and cleanly - scanned, and those that, uh, weren't. The process I was using before was pretty good, but would still produce 5-6 errors per track. This normally isn't too bad, but given that some brands only do cumulative changes through the body of the song, one can end up with a pretty funky looking screen by the end.

Anyway, I've started redoing discs, and did 5 last night. I'm going to try to do at least a couple per night, unless I'm incorporating new discs.

I also managed to get myself to bed by 2:00am, so I actually had some rest when I got back up at 8:30am. Against all likelihood, I was clean, packed, dressed, and out the door by 10:10am. Turned out to be a good thing, too - after grabbing breakfast, being shown the location, and all, I didn't start setting up until 10:45am - and was just ready to go at noon.

So yeah, today was my experience with the United Way Silicon Valley internal fundraiser (Hi Gary! Everyone say Hi to Gary - he has Google search for entries about his organization). It was a huge amount of fun - the whole room got involved with most songs, there were a number of kids that got to sing, and it was just, well, a good time.

It didn't hurt that Rebecca, the organizer, was far from hard on the eyes - and more importantly, both nice and pretty well organized. Actually, they were all extremely nice. When it was announced at the end that I was donating my time, I nearly got a standing ovation.

It didn't help that the dining room we used was at the far ass-end of the building, but I need the exercise, right?

Funny thing, too - the dining room was on the first floor, next to another group (The United Way is on the second floor). We got two comments from locals: One woman was disappointed she didn't have time to watch the whole thing, and another complained about how disruptive our noise was (good thing I wasn't being loud...). Of course, the second started by complaining about the screaming children in the hallway. I'd been rolling stuff by those kids - they were giggling quietly. I assume she's the type that calls the cops when the neighbors throw a pool party.

Apart from the usual little problems, the main thing was dealing with that damn mic clip. It swallowed the cap on the bottom of the red mic twice during the show.

So after I finished packing back up, I dropped by Guitar Center. No luck.

Then K&K Music. Not much there, either - and it looks like they're slowly fading away, too.

Then I stopped by the house to drop off stuff (like the food Rebeccas insisted I take home, and the speakers), and bounced to Guitar Showcase.

Nuttin' there, either.

By this time (about 4:30pm), I was starting to get hungry, so I dropped by Hobee's for some unwinding and high-calorie food. I have not been disappointed - especially since I was given a carafe of iced tea made with their cinnamon tea. Wonderful stuff.

The excitement here has mostly involved downloading an alternate browser. Firefox keeps crashing on my friends page. It may have something to do with the Ubuntu release, but my experience so far with Firefox 3 has been less than thrilling.

Half the time, I can't load my bank's website without it crashing.

Anyway, this is my first post from Epiphany, which is behaving itself quite well so far. I won't be dropping Firefox, but it's really nice to have an alternative.

Well, off to Starving Musician! They won't have anything either, but they're always fun. And on the way to the bar from here.

Current Location: Hobee's
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Awesome. I'm glad things went well at the United Way (hi Gary!). It was definitely odd waking up and realizing that you were gone. Threw my whole day off. lol

Good show tonight, too. Probably a bit hectic for you, but it was definitely fun.

Yeah for free food and charity! I only got to sing once last night, but what a song it was!

And I think you have a hollow leg and high metabolism (and am jealous). If I ate at CCF CPK and Hobbie's there would be a lot more of me to love, yet you are relatively the same weight always.

I've actually been losing weight (albeit slowly) for the last few years. A matter of better (though still not great) portion control, and the fact that in general, I either eat only one large meal, or two medium ones, per day.

The fact that lugging that bloody rack around is aerobic exercise doesn't hurt, either. There are several reasons why I don't let people help me.

I probably shouldn't tout the benefits of a low-fiber diet, though. My colon will eventually have its revenge.