Bruce (kor27) wrote,

If It's Not One Thing...

Right after finishing my last post, I was climbing into bed - in fact my head had just hit the pillow - when my phone rang. It was my mom on her mobile line, which I knew couldn't be a good thing.

It was actually more of a hilarious thing. Well, to me. Something had gone wrong with their power setup, which is in the garage below the dome. Not too surprisingly, none of the automatic garage door openers were working, and they were having trouble getting the side door open.

Apart from my dad trying to kill himself by pounding his head on the side door, it didn't sound too urgent, so I took the time for a shower, then headed up into the woods.

The delay turned out to be perfect - by the time I got there, they'd figured out how to get in the side door, and their solar guy had figured out what was wrong with the system (their inverter had blown out), and had switched everything over to normal power. On the other hand, it was hot, and their new heat pump wasn't working.

In fact, they'd gotten the impression that the heat pump had been hooked up to the inverter (one wonders why it blew...). There was supposedly a switch somewhere that would alternate between power sources, and I was tasked with finding it. After some climbing, and a couple of mistakes on my part, I found the right switch - a huge thing up under the side deck, behind the heat pump, only accessible if you climb on a pile of loose rocks and shifting dirt. Nothing if not convenient.

In any case, they now have air conditioning.

On my way back down, I made the mistake of stopping at the Campbell Fry's. I actually had a good reason: With my old phone case belt attachment broken, and the new one not due until next week, I needed to either find a temporary case, or walk around with the thing in my hands.

This time of year, jacket pockets just aren't an option, and all the damn belt pouches are full.

So I have a cheap little case for it right now, which is far better than nothing. Of course I also walked away with a USB light, a retractable crossover RJ45 cable, and some pop-up screen wipes. I forced myself out the door before I found some other silly little thing to buy.

There are vital reasons for all of those purchases, of course.

Then home, where I opened a lot of packaging, shopped online some more, then headed out around 8:30pm in search of food, which was eventually acquired at El Torito. Then back home in just enough time to get the call from electrichobbit - his plane had landed a bit early.

I at least made it to the airport a little bit before the time he'd originally requested.

After dropping him off, and returning home, things get a little blurry, probably because there was a certain amount of alternating between consciousness and non while sitting in my chair. On the positive side, several little tasks have been done - the piles of karaoke discs have been moved to their new homes, and are even separated into a box of those that have been scanned with the new setup (which creates far fewer artifacts), and those done with the old setup. In fact, a lot of junk has been removed from my work table. It's still covered in junk, of course, but at least one can see the table in spots.

I've ordered another new disc from the Monday tips, which, as the result of several hours of careful planning, will probably not be what most anyone wants. So, as usual, I'll be trolling for more money tomorrow - after all, I've identified a mere 10 others that I want right now...

hektikat and I were talking on Monday about hanging out (we haven't done so in months), and the only nearby day she had free was next Wednesday, which happens to be her birthday. Something had to be done about her free night being her birthday, so we'll be having dinner (as usual), but also seeing the circus.

I needed to drop some money off at the bank to cover a few expenses, and I realized around 6:00am that I wouldn't likely be awake by 5:00pm to do it, so I stayed up until, in the end, 10:00am. Well, technically, it was more "didn't take off my clothes and go to bed" as opposed to "staying up," but the principle's still there.

So that got done - I now need to actually pay some bills.

I also, of all things, got a visit from Mena, and her friend Bo. I suspect rather close friend. She seems to be doing pretty well. We all talked for a bit, and he took a card - his recovery group might want to do karaoke.

And then - sweet, sweet unconsciousness, marred only by the fact that it's bloody hot. I shouldn't have gotten up so early, but I just couldn't sleep any more. This actually may work out for the best - I need to be at the United Way at something like 11:00am tomorrow.

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