Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Not Quite Here

Not too long after my last post, I cleaned up, loaded myself and timenchanter into the Escort, and departed in search of food, which we found at the Valley Fair CPK.

We finished eating around 6:00pm, allowing me to go for my ulterior motive: scouring the Container Store for CD storage. All these CDGs I've been buying lately have been piling up on my worktable, to the point that it's hard to get to anything else.

I feel a bit guilty about bring more storage into the Duplex, but I gotta do something. Like, um, figure out where I'm gonna put these things after I fill them...

Then off to the bar, where I was again set up on time. And where, again, our first customer wandered in around something like 9:00pm.

Except this time it was hektikat, who wasn't singing. Well, not right then. After sufficient application of alcohol, and a certain amount of confusion over who was supposed to sing a song, she ended up doing almost all of Kiss Me. And not too shabbily, I might add.

But before too long we had Sarah, mvmedic, and Paul. Then a separate little group that did a couple of songs, trivialt, foxypinkninja, Albert, Greg & Katie (a really nice straight couple, good singers), Nate-o, and more. I actually had around 20 different singers over the length of the night.

Though not all at once.

Last night was the first time I've seen Kat (the promoter) in quite a while. As usual, she was multi-tasking several different things, so we all got free CDs from her latest protégé, a missing children poster was put up (which I'll bet will be taken down tomorrow, since Paula somehow seems to think such things are bad for business), and a lot of us were shaken down for coupon books - I believe generally unsuccessfully.

Always an experience, is Kat.

I finished off the ninth rotation at something like 2:15am, and the bar actually made slightly more than Sunday. All in all, we were just 4% down from target for the weekend, which is a nice change.

I also did well enough in miscellaneous tips to afford another disc, so I'll be getting to that later today.

I was pretty tired by the end of the night, and it didn't help that I needed to load up everything, to make sure I have it for the party I'm doing at noon on Thursday.

I dropped by the Mathilda Denny's, and chatted with April a bit as I sprawled out in my booth - with the laptop, of course.

Then home, unloading, and waking up in my chair with a godawful crick in my neck.

Then several hours of not entirely restful sleep in the bed. I got up around noon, and I still feel groggy. At least it's that day of the week I can afford to do that, right?

I mostly whiled away the afternoon by shopping. I really hate lugging that monitor around (it's heavy, and it takes up space that could be used better in the back seat), and I periodically look at the pricing of LCD TVs. I actually found one at a good price today - but on the other hand, getting an LCD karaoke stand in the U.S. is a pain in the ass. They're very popular in Britain, but there's only one decent one I've been able to find over here, and that one's slightly pricey (not to mention sold out in most stores).

So that's it. I was hoping to do dinner or something with someone tonight, but I haven't heard back, so the only major task left tonight is picking up electrichobbit at the airport.

More sleep is definitely in order.

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