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Someday My Desk Will Come

About 15 minutes after my last post, as I was getting ready for bed, I looked out my window to see timenchanter driving up.  So I put my clothes back on, and talked for a bit.  He was hungry, so we went and grabbed some Taco Bell, and then went to Happy Donuts so he could eat that while I scarfed down an apple fritter I really didn't need.  Gotta stop doing that.

Then he went to sleep on the couch, so he could get me motivated to work the next morning.

So a lot of Sunday was spent cleaning crap out of my room.  It's still an amazing pigsty, but the only thing left of "She"'s is the bistro table this computer is sitting on.  When the desk is delivered (And assembled), that goes too.

We spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out how to rearrange the room.  I had a plan, but that's not going to work.  My house appears to have been designed by a very subtle sadist.  The rooms are large, airy, and initially look easy to furnish.  Until you realize that every damn wall has something that's going to block you - a door or a window in an exceedingly inconvenient place.  I had a great idea for where to put the work center, but now there's no place left to put the bed, without floating it in the center of the room.  We'll see as I get the pieces.  I've gotta remember to take a picture when I have it put together - it'll only take 15 minutes for the mess to start multiplying.

We cleaned up, then went out for dinner with pjdorian.  That was especially pleasant since Paul is normally too busy to do much of anything.  Then off to the show.

Last night's show was slooooow.  For one thing, the Gay Melrose contingent was off partying at dancin_whitey's place, and didn't come in for some time.  They were quite properly plastered when they did, which was fun.

neo83 and Jesus came in, which somewhat compensated for the tiny rotation - Scott normally manages to come in only on busy nights, and gets a maximum of two songs after a multiple hour wait.  He got four this time.  Also, it was Jenni's birthday, so she got to sing several songs on her birthday.  She also managed to drag along several friends she's been trying to bring for ages, so that was cool.

swanhart, who of course was going to go straight home rather than come by the bar, sang three songs.  Heck, unbreak_able crawled in in what looked like considerable pain (All danced out, apparently), and would have had at least two if she hadn't crawled back off home instead.

In the process, I found a new drink and a new way to bug bluize at the same time.  Timmie decided to try a vodka stinger, and I had to have one after tasting it.  I can understand why a lot of people would hate it - it's simply vodka with creme de menthe, so unless you're willing to deal with one heck of a sweet mint taste, you're going to hate it.  Kris is apparently one of those who does - in fact, so much that she hates mixing them.  The opportunities for future torture abound...

Of course, I normally drink Amaretto sours, and even sipping on a glass that was essentially flavored vodka meant I was... happy by the end of the night.  So for the second time in a row, Timmie had to take me off to Denny's to sober me up, this time with supersniffles and Steven.

And now I'm up, recovered, and waiting for the IKEA delivery truck to hurry up and get here.  Then I'll just have to fight off tweakers wanting to help assemble the stuff...

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