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Bruce [userpic]
Harsh Jazz

A minor little tale from yesterday.

It was a beautiful day as I was driving up to the Dome - just a generally great summer driving day, made even better by the light through the trees, once I got to the mountains.

I thought I'd change my normal radio settings, and find some jazz. Preferably new age jazz, but any would do.

I found just the one station - KKSF. The music was at least "good enough," and I found myself smiling and relaxing as I wound up the mountain.

Until we got to the station identification. This was a fairly well put together mix of various riffs, with an irregularly spaced voiceover declaring "KKSF... smooth jazz... 103.7."

The first three times it was kinda cute. By the fifth, I was yelling at my radio to shut up. I should have changed the station, but a perverse part of me wondered how long it would go.

I think about three minutes, though it felt like ten. I lost track of the number of repetitions.

And I finished my drive with significantly higher blood pressure than I started.

It's almost enough to make me invest in XM...

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a lot of times ksjs will have jazz on the weekends.

They were playing what sounded like hip-hop yesterday, when I scanned through.

it's hit and miss.

i know that they do it from time to time, but they do have a list of what's on on-line.

I miss Colors, though they were a very short-lived phenomenon - and quite a few years ago...

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Hugs and kisses right back!

I'm actually free this Tuesday - might you be?

XM is great in theory, but you'll lose it going up to the dome because of those pretty trees that the light shines through, I know this from experience XM hates Highway 9

I was actually wondering about that - though it's probably more the mountains than the trees. The XM satellites are in a geostationary orbits, which are all around the equator, which is, y'know, a little bit south of here.

Granted, they're 26,200 miles up from the center of the Earth, the Earth's radius is about 4,000 miles, and we're at about 37° North up here, so a little trig tells us the satellites are about 47° above the horizon - so anything above that to your south is going to block reception...

We don't have to worry too much about East and West blockage - the nearest satellite is at 115° West longitude, and San Jose is at 122° West.

How's that for TMI?

remind me

remind me to check if I can sign you up on xm for cheeper, they were advertising almost half off $7 per month, though not sure you want to spend it.