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I got about 4 hours of sleep yesterday, and it kinda showed. It wouldn't have been so bad, except I didn't sleep all that much the 3 days before it, either...

I'd set an alarm for 10:30am, to make sure my carcass would crawl out of bed, grab some stuff at Costco (like gas. The car was running on fumes), and make it to the Hamptons by 1:00pm.

That all worked fine, except I didn't make it until about 2:30pm. Good thing I was really pushing myself to get going...

Anyway, hung out there for a couple of hours, schmoozing with fine people and eating way too much, before heading up to the Dome for Saturday with the 'rents. They actually had some tasks for me, though as always, they seemed to think that they were going to be insurmountably difficult. The first was to get the hose from Tuesday back wound on its reel on the deck.

My dad actually came out to help me with this.

Though neither of them offered to help put the softener salt in the softener, or with the battle with the wisteria.

That last was the only difficult thing of the day. The wisteria had been let go for too long, and as is its wont, was doing its best to engulf the house. Wisterias aren't quite kudzu, but they try hard to catch up.

I mean, this thing is only one vine, but it was still an hour of chopping later before I had it cut back.

It wasn't too long after I'd finished that my cousin Beth (Liz to everyone else) and her husband Vee showed up, with Indian food in tow. Yummy, yummy Indian food. So I overate again.

Mmmm... malai kofta...

I was there until a little after 10:00pm, babbling away. I kept on telling stories to Beth and Vee, and I'm not sure how, well, coherent I sounded. My mom broke in a couple of times, so I'm a little concerned.

So it goes. It was also fun watching my parents as those two waxed poetic about visiting my show. This is not their idea of a good career path for me. Possibly, of course, because I haven't been able to make a living at it, but hey...

I followed Beth and Vee partway down the hill, until I got a call from my mom telling me that I'd forgotten my laptop up there, and had to bounce back.

Anyway, I got back to the Hamptons a little after 11:00pm, further delayed by of a request for club soda. I'd picked a Safeway nearby that I knew was open, but hadn't counted on only one register and a huge line of customers.

And then hung out there, and munched yet some more. I did without alcohol (except for a glass of champagne at the Dome), because I was woozy enough without it. Good times - it was nice to be home. Though very odd to get involved in a long discussion between Bennie and Paul about Oprah vs. Martha Stewart. Well, mostly about Oprah taking over the world.

Then home, where I tried to get caught up on happenings on the Net, and fell asleep in my chair, laptop on my lap. I woke up enough to crawl into bed at 7:00am.

Then back up at noon, and here I am! Ready for a nap...

In an attempt to be actually productive(ish), there were a couple of things yesterday - on the way up to the Dome, I stopped at a cheap gas station car wash, and got most of the dust and guano off of the car. It's certainly not great, but the exterior no longer looks like a riverbed.

I also went to Home Depot, bought an engraver (I've got all the pieces for the tip jar project now), and a cute little butane soldering iron/heatshrink blower/rope knife (which of course didn't come with butane). I actually could use a heatshrink blower, and need to cut/cauterize both of the cinch straps I'm using at the bar, so that last wasn't a terribly off-the-wall purchase.

Though I mostly got it because it was a multi-tool.

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