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Bruce [userpic]

Does anyone have a leather punch? My belt is at the point where it frequently falls down onto my hips, which is just not right. It's time to add another hole, and bring it back to "uncomfortably tight."

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)

The basic leather punch has some similarities to a nail, except it has a hollow center, and sharpened edges. One sets the bottom of the leather piece on an anvil (or equivalent), and sharply hammers the punch, cutting out a small circle of the leather by compression.

So it's very much like the nail (or an awl), except that, from my experience, the compressed edges are much less likely to fray/tear out over time. And the result looks much neater from the get-go.

I think a few more trips to CPK would take care of this inconvenience.

Possibly. CCF just isn't doing it.

Well, you could always put on a 2nd belt, and then have a Han Solo-esque hip belt thing going on!


Yeah - at my size, I'd be more of a Han Duo...

I wonder if you'd shoot first, last, or at the same time......

(har har innuendo)

Given Greedo, I doubt I'd ever be able to shoot at all...

Careful Bruce. Your gonna have to start removing some of those accessories from your belt if it keeps getting tighter.


I'm trying not to think about that.

I see a Utilikilt in your future.



Well, they are dead sexy...