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It's been quite a couple of days, but productive.

Since there were some delays, I didn't have to be at the bar until 4:00pm on Wednesday - which meant I could have a comparatively leisurely lunch at In-n-Out.

I even managed to somewhat deflect Wayne's energy into finding out the nature of the sound problem. We set the bar's sound system on "pulverize," and went next door to the hotel, talked to a clerk, saw a room near the bar (but not near enough), figured out how to walk behind the bar, and, most importantly, Wayne spent a lot of time on the roof, checking out the sound up there.

It turns out most of it comes from the chimney and the vent for the non-functional gas heater by the DJ booth.

You know, the gas heater next to one of the speakers, and right above the sub?

We also tried seeing if there was any different effect with yet another set of speakers (as per his idea), using my two babies sitting on the bar for a mock-up.

And yeah, if you actually lower the rest of the sound system, the effect on the roof is noticeable.

So today, he stuffed a bunch of fiberglass in the two chimneys, solving our problem until the weather turns cold. We also moved the sub to a different corner of the dance floor.

That's all the positive side of things. On the negative - as I'm sure I've said before, as a DJ and general sound person, Wayne's an awfully good roller skater. We've been able to keep him somewhat under control by lying to him about the sound system.

He got to see a lot of ways to make it louder. Much louder. He also figured out that the sub has been disconnected for lo these many months, though that might be OK, now, with it repositioned.

Even more oddly, after getting the amount of sound leaking out of the place hugely reduced, he still wants to hang that extra set of speakers. I'm really not sure why - or am perhaps scared to find out - but he still seriously wants to add his $79 Radio Shack specials into the system. But at least that's not going to happen this week.

And I may be mysteriously unavailable for the next few weeks...

Wednesday night I decompressed by going to the Oakridge Cheesecake Factory with timenchanter. The rest of the night was devoted to disc incorporation.

Yesterday evening, around 7:00pm, I was trying to do a permanent hook-up of the sub in its new position. The original cable wasn't long enough to run up and along the beam, and the new cable piece I found was too large for the connector I'd recovered from the original cable. I was trying to make it work anyway, when I got kinda to that "fuck it" state of mind.

Mostly because my friend Stuart was in town from NZ, would be leaving today, and wanted to do dinner. I brought in and set up most of my system, told Paula I'd be back around 9:00pm, and went off to spend some time with him.

I mean, nobody shows up these days until 9:30pm anyway, right?

We had a quick meal at a ramen place on Villa, but still managed to catch up a bit. It was good to see him.

Despite all the text messages and LJ comments I started getting around 8:30pm.

So, yeah, when I got back to the bar at 9:00pm, it was to see quite an array of people waiting impatiently to sing. Timmie had done a lot of the setup for me, but it still took me until 9:15pm to get the songs organized enough to start - especially since I kept getting new slips.

We were quite busy last night. I managed five rotations before closing at 2:05am, but the first one lasted over two hours. This despite a mini-exodus at the beginning of the evening. I gave cekyr0 a song that depressed him, so he and jeffercine went home. Then snafflekid decided to leave at about the same time.

What can I say about the night? sugarbare was bartending, and keeping the people at the bar entertained. We had a slight excess of not-quite-socially aware people, though most of them were handleable.

hollyk and Brian spent a couple of hours, and Brian actually sang.

The lesbian contingent was out in force, which meant I got to hear Rain and Jennifer A. again. Jennifer and Lindsey ("Tailor") were there almost all night, so I got to hear 4 songs from each of them.

Jennifer singing On and On is a near-orgasmic experience.

Nikki showed up for the first time in ages, wearing this latex outfit that included a rather amazing pair of fake tits. She was only there for one song (so, y'know, a couple of hours), so she did her trademark Pussycat Song, and we all got to experience her Hello Kitty underwear.

twitchet was there for an hour or so, and demanded quite a bit of cuddling. She was in a bit of a funk...

It of course should be mentioned that there were actually men there last night as well. electrichobbit and jorgitoelcubano, David T., markobellydance, Harmony, cybrenn (and his boy/friend Joe), and many more.

I mean, I did have something like 30-35 different singers last night.

By the end of the night, I was a sweaty, smelly, hurting wreck. But supersniffles invited me to her place for some breaded tilapia and hash browns, so I joined her there, and tried not to pass out too much.

Then home, where I did pass out. I woke up today at 1:00pm with a headache. I suspect I was sleeping too soundly to notice that my neck was in an awkward position. Right now I'm waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in.

Honestly, I'd go back to sleep right now, but I'd wake up too late - I need to get a check to the bank, buy a new friggin' quarter-inch connector for the sub, be at the bar at 5:00pm to solder that, and run the cable.

I've also been volunteered to hang a few black lights for tonight, but I may suddenly find myself mysteriously unavailable...

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