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Something came up last Saturday, as the ushers and I were standing around, waiting for guests to show at the wedding.

The discussion turned to Dr. Horrible, and I mentioned how much I wanted to kill The Hammer, which is why I've only seen episode 1, and haven't looked for the other 2. Things sorta degenerated from there, as princesskiti22 mentioned that she found him sexy, and I opined that if I had my way, and all assholes were terminated with extreme prejudice, she'd never get laid...

Yeah, I sounded pretty off the wall. In fact, near foaming at the mouth.

I'd forgotten about that trigger. For some reason, people doing something stupid - especially people with some level of power - and then being smug about it drives me into a blind rage. And The Hammer, at least in the first episode, personifies that. He is, to me, a representation of just about everything wrong with the human race.

I don't know where this started with me - or even if there was a defined start. I know that at a couple of points, I was lucky not to get expelled from High School. The one case I remember was a friend of mine - actually a relatively nice guy, if somewhat jockish.

Not too jockish. He was hanging around the chess club. I had a portable set that would keep the pieces in place, if you didn't open it - and at the time, it had a game in progress in it.

He grabbed the box, said "What's this?", and in response to "Don't open that!", opened it vertically, watched all the pieces fall down, then just stood there with this... grin...

I could have handled it without the grin. As it is, I fortunately aimed a little high, and my punch only cut his forehead open, instead of breaking his nose.

Who knows what would have happened then. He had at least two inches on me in both height and shoulder width, so he probably would have mopped the floor with me, if three people hadn't thrown themselves on each of us.

So yeah. It appears that while I have better control over my rage issues, many of them are definitely still there...

Speaking of stupidity - off to deal with Wayne! Woo!

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