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Bruce [userpic]

Last night was an interesting show.

More people showed up than I expected. There was, as planned, tenshinigami, as well as linfalgamo, an (aunt? I forget) named Bunny, and a friend named Troy.

But there was also snafflekid, markobellydance, celticnoor, trivialt, and quite a number of others.

I had enough songs to start pretty much on time, and by the fourth rotation, had 16 singers. The fifth was about the same size.

The sixth was timenchanter, myself, and supersniffles. It was quite amusing - everyone went home at about midnight, except for the night owls.

After a while a couple walked in. I don't know her name, but his was Brett. He got to sing four songs before I closed. Not the best singer on the planet (though far from the worst), but he was having fun, which is always the vital part. A little after 1:00am, lucydogstringer walked in, bringing our little group up to five.

I finished off the 12th rotation at just a few minutes past 2:00am.

Bar income was, well, what I've become accustomed to of late. Tips, on the other hand, were very generous - so I ordered a couple more discs today, on top of the two I ordered yesterday (from the Thursday tips).

I was only going to order one more, but it turns out this United Way thing I'm doing is going to have a luau theme, so I ordered some Hawaiian songs.

timenchanter and supersniffles were both a bit toasty at the end of the show, so I loaded them into the short bus, and drove them to IHOP, where we had tasty food and good (if not always conscious) company. Steven dropped by for a bit to loan Cindi a movie.

By the end of that, Timmie had determined that he was too tired to drive home, so he's trapped here, carless, the poor thing.

Meanwhile I stayed up until 7:00am futzing around - well, OK, mostly researching stuff for Paula. It's just occurred to her that she might want to do something about soundproofing the building. Which, of course, she wants to do for $20 by this Friday.

Direct quote: "Try to find me something different than TAP Plastics. They're so expensive."

So right now? I'm going back to sleep.

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...and sparkle_journal and Jackal_Logic!!

Yeah, we had sugarbare at the beginning of the night, too. He never can quite get everyone in the posts. But he does pretty good.

Sorry, dear - one of the reasons I keep this journal is the simple fact that my memory is crap, and when I did it this afternoon, I couldn't for the life of me remember anyone.

Love you both!

Please send me any pics taken from Bjorn and David's wedding.
I need to compile a scrapbook and would like to have as many pics from entropyca and deekers as possible.

Send them to cdill81@yahoo.com.

I'm afraid I didn't have my camera on me all day.