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So I'm up at Stuart&Frida's to tutor Bernie - except it turns out he's not at their house this weekend.

More importantly, on the way here I had the time to make the call I needed to make to stormmonkey.  She didn't pick up her phone (Mena had tried earlier with the same result - we think she's in a funk), but I was able to make a calm, cogent, well-reasoned message to her voicemail.  At least I would have, if it hadn't hung up on me partway through.

So who knows what she got.  Probably the part about "not liking to say these things", and she thinks I'm kicking her out...


At least earlier in the day I got to see Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events with timenchanter.  Much fun.  Casting Jim Carrey as an over-the-top hack actor was, well, perfect.  I may have to get the soundtrack...

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