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Bruce [userpic]
Weddings and the City

It was 5:30am by the time I got finished doing all my prep Saturday morning, so after all was said and done, I managed just about two and a half hours of sleep before crawling back out at 8:00am.

Surprisingly, I made it into the shower, and most of the way back out again before timenchanter stopped hitting his snooze button. I may even have left him a little hot water...

Then off to the City, with only a pit stop for food and Coke (it has caffeine. Lovely, lovely caffeine) on the way. I'd taken the time to map out the exact route to the Ellis parking lot for the church, because I could have sworn that Maria (the pastor) had told us to park there.

Not so good an idea, as it turns out. I dragged some of the lighter stuff up the stairs, said hi to Maria, who was waiting for someone to show up, got back in the car, took the convoluted route necessary to get to the upper parking lot, then parked after most of the rest of the party.

So I was both there first and last.

Whatever. I was introduced to Peter, my assigned helper, who did an excellent job helping me run cables and carry equipment. I was impressed - I'm a hard person to help.

We were all, in fact, set up in plenty of time. The main "gotcha" is that my keyboard/monitor/mic case tumbled out off the car when I opened the door, and somehow a couple of keys popped off the keyboard in the process. I was able to put one back on, but there's a tiny silicone piece missing from my F7 key, now. Which means I can't hit F7 with this keyboard.

Not that any of my software uses F7, but the principle is still there. Besides, it looks ugly, and you never know.

Anyway, after a slight scare, I was able to get the main rack working downstairs. Not that it would have been too much of a disaster - I had the whole set of playlists and music on the laptop for a reason.

We were all set up, and waiting for people by 12:30pm. They actually started showing up around 1:45pm, and in fact many were still arriving when the ceremony started on time, at 2:05pm (well, maybe 2:07pm. They had to send Peter up to me in the balcony to tell me to start the music).

The ceremony was both simple and beautiful. I have to say that this is the first time I've seen a minister start bawling while officiating, Though she soldiered on through, and never missed a beat.

I made a few minor errors, but nothing to berate myself about. At least not too badly. misswong77 would tell you about me starting the pre-processional music during the initial rehearsal, but I'm remarkably unworried about that.

However, due to something that didn't show up while I was practicing with the laptop Friday, the way I increased the volume at the beginning of the introductory music, at the start of the ceremony, resulted in a nice computer "beep" resounding through the church.

Oddly, no-one seemed to notice. It actually might have alerted them that things were starting...

Then we had a slight mix-up during the recessional. From practice, I expected to start the music when the grooms started walking. They were waiting for the music. But Maria gave me a look, and it all went OK.

Downstairs, the only problem was that for some reason, the red mic kept losing its connection, with an associated blare of noise. Fortunately, the yellow mic had no such problems - except when blankreloaded walked outside...

And the people - I just can't list everyone. I got to spend a little time with Debbie and spawrhawk. Debbie, against all habit, wasn't wearing any black. It was mildly frightening.

entropyca's friend Julia was his maid of honor, and reintroduced herself. I remembered having met her, but had a terrible time placing her - in fact, at one point, thought she might have been someone else, and was fortunately disabused of the fact. I somewhat forgive myself, since it's been close to two years since the last time I'd seen her.

She was definitely a lot of fun.

Casey did an excellent job of emceeing the reception, and we all had an excellent time.

Not too surprisingly, I was one of the last people packed, and in fact Timmie and I were the last people in the parking lot. And he was only still there because he was using my pump to inflate a flat tire.

I was pretty much a wreck at this point, and called my parents about whether or not I should come up, as planned. They let me off the hook, so, in true masochistic fashion, I...

Went to markobellydance's birthday dinner, which was, as it turned out, across the street from the Stinking Rose (the hostess at the Stinking Rose had been a bit of a jerk). This was Viva Pizza, which not only had quite nice food, but was right next to the Condor - the only place I've ever seen with a California historical plaque about being a strip joint.

I think I can name everyone there - Marko and celticnoor, of course, but also princesskiti22 (who just can't get rid of me), k_magic, snafflekid, Timmie, Seth H, and Peter.

We left there around 9:30pm or so. I found the garage where I'd parked my car (after only a few gyrations), wove my way out of the city, and barely made it home before passing out.

I was in bed and asleep by 10:00pm.

Today has, in fact, largely been devoted to sleep. I got out of the house and over to Weird Stuff by about 4:30pm, to look for keyboard parts. No luck.

I even dropped by MicroCenter because, well, it was there. Surprisingly, no huge display of keyboard parts.

After some driving around trying to find a place to eat, I ended up here. And now it's time to head off to the bar. Tonight should be fun - tenshinigami is showing up, after long absence.

Though it may be a bit slow. A lot of other people are recovering.

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Thank you.

Of course. They are my friends too, ya know.

>>Casey did an excellent job of emceeing the reception, and we all had an excellent time.

No. Thank you for THAT.

Oh, that. Well, you did, which wasn't exactly surprising.

I think even Raggedy Ann would agree...

I really thought I was sitting next to you at dinner.......

**double checks post**

I guess not.....

I really must have been tired......

It's interesting what a missing close bracket can do.

Fixed now!

Lol, that's much better now..........

had to keep hitting the snooze so that I didn't stay asleep while you were showering. For some reason, I was a bit tired. lol

I'm bored and reading past posts. I really did do a bitchin job that day.

Modest too....

Yes, yes you did. And I might even be concerned about the whole modesty thing if you hadn't been sweating bullets...