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Bruce [userpic]

Last night was sooo much fun. And it kept me busy enough that I didn't fall asleep, which is a good thing.

I actually got up at 4:00pm sharp, due to my usual alarm (Machines of Loving Grace's Butterfly Wings at full volume on my desktop. I both enjoy it, and can't sleep through it). What's really weird is that I then showered rapidly, got to the bank and withdrew the money for rent, and made it to the restaurant early.

Something's obviously wrong with me.

So, obviously, both Beth and kshandra were late, and I was forced to hang around on Castro in Mountain View on a pleasant, sunny afternoon for upwards of 15 minutes.

It was torture, I tells ya.

There followed an extremely pleasant Thai dinner, with even more pleasant company. We ordered way too much food, but for all that, I don't think we overate too badly.

Beth insisted on paying, like she always does. I can't argue too effectively - she makes a lot more money than I do, after all - but I still try.

Then Kirsten and I headed to the bar, and I set up, pretty much on time. I got to actively enjoy not carefully selecting three matched update sheets for every book. In fact, I got to actively enjoy throwing the old books in my car for recycling. It's the little things in life.

I got started around, I think, 8:40pm, with initially just myself, Kirsten, and Hex. Wayne joined in, which brought the initial rotation to 4. Rather amusingly, Wayne was previously there on Keri's last day...

The second rotation was about double the size, and included the ever-so-sexy princesskiti22 and her l33t hostessing skills.

And then we got busy. There were a total of 5 rotations for the night, which ended at 1:50am. But the vast majority of the night was numbers 3 and 4. We had a lot of singers - and a lot of tips. I'm ordering a couple of discs with my portion of the night's take.

So I'm not going to list everybody, because we were packed. Beth went and picked up Vee after work, and they actually hung around until midnight, which is unheard-of. Actually, it's unheard-of for them to be out at all...

So quite a number of people got to meet my cousin, which is good, because both she and Vee are very cool people.

Off the top of my head, there was cekyr0, candiddani, tlsthatsme (I'd better remember her - that was quite a nice kiss...), snafflekid, electrichobbit and jorgitoelcubano, Nate-o, Gia (who was also last there on Keri's last day. She brought several friends, including Jason and Monica, both good singers. She didn't do any Hannah Montana, which was, let's face it, OK), Sarah and mvmedic, jeffercine, maiandra (who did us all the favor of stealing Kirsten's keys, so we got to hear another song from her), trivialt and Andrew (who I hadn't seen since he'd performed at the bar), markobellydance, celticnoor, sjgrrrl, moahb (fresh off the plane) and many, many more.

Hugs, kisses, jokes, fun, and at one point an Alex hiding in my booth. I had a blast.

The new database lookup program worked like a charm, and even helped prevent a couple of errors. It's nice to have something with a reaction speed of under a second, as opposed to around 5, unless the network is slow.

Kimmi and Megs suggested going out to IHOP, and I was going to join them, but after I finished shutting down, I realized I was also just barely holding on to consciousness. I begged off, timenchanter volunteered to grab us both some Carl's, and I fell asleep with the laptop in my lap, and the meal next to me. OK, the remains of the meal. There are priorities.

I woke up today just before noon, and have been taking it easy ever since. My main priority today is making sure everything's ready for tomorrow. I was going to test out the laptop hookups, and brought home my cable bag for just that purpose - only to remember that a vital cable was left attached to the main rack at the bar (It's still there because I'm helping Club Spice tonight, where I'm going to see everybody, yes? Good belly dancers? Fun people? Good music? sugarbare bartending? princesskiti22 visiting? What's not to like?).

So I'll be spending the afternoon practicing with the music programs on this laptop, and then I'll be dragging my speakers in to the bar at opening tonight, and serenading Paula with the same.

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Your 3rd singer was Hex
& I also did my part to keep the lovely & talented Kirsten to hang out longer, possibly with ulterior motives.........

Hex! Of course!

I can't recall the most obvious people sometimes.

And yeah, I decided to not mention your part in the Kirsten Delay Project.

Whaddaya mean, "possibly"?

I didn't actually talk to Beth & Vee & now I feel dumb, especially cuz I kept thinking I knew them....so tell her I'm sorry & hello for me & wasn't ignoring them , I just didn't realize they were them, & there was much distraction @ the bar last nite

Eh - it's just as much my fault for not pointing them out, but then, things got pretty busy for both of us from the point you first showed up.

And I doubt they felt snubbed by anyone. Way too much going on.

D'oh! I was going around introducing them to people. You were busy, so I didn't bother cuz I knew you'd met them. Bad Timmie! I was a little busy, too though.

its all good, I should have done my hostessy duty & said hi, especially since they looked familiar

Possibly? Hopefully! ;-)

I'm going tonight, too.

Is there dancing and stuff?

If I remember the last one, there will be some general dancing, shows by a number of professionals, a group belly-dance class, and then more dancing.

What worries me is that I get the impression I may end up being the only DJ, and (a) I'm not a dance DJ, (b) I have a very small - and odd - music library.

I'll help ya with music...

Me, Brian, and Tim will prolly be there about 8:30 or something like that.

Man! What a crowd! Too bad I can't get up there. me is still afraid to go up there.....bad tickets and stuff.....