Bruce (kor27) wrote,

And... Thud

Welp, around 14 hours, 6 reams of paper, 2 toner cartridges (5,000 pages, hah! Does anyone actually ever manage only 5% coverage?), and 3,120 punched and bound sheets later, the new books are done.

I can finally toss the old ones, which makes me very happy. Not only are most of those falling apart, but even the two newest ones were from January 6th, and needed two different update sheets in order to be able to look at all the available songs.

Plus, with the extra room, I could throw in a duet and a Spanish section! OK, well, given my Spanish collection, the section is a page, but still, the principle is there.

And now, I get to sleep until 4:00pm! Yay!

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