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Balance. I No Has It.

There are many things I need to do today, but I just don' wanna.

I've got a potential gig in the City - if I could get past a full voice mailbox - and I need to get that liability insurance. I need to get it anyway for the August SJSU gig, if I still have that.

I need to transfer some money, and extract the last dregs of my IRA very shortly.

I have a useless year-end sales tax form to fill out, which was probably due yesterday. It'll be 0 in any case, but I just can't motivate myself to go and do it.

I have to close down that frikkin' eBay account, or at least the management portion of it.

And all I want to do is play with software. I've got the database lookup interface looking pretty spiffy, and more importantly, as far as I can tell, working properly.

Embarrassingly, I actually had a flaw in the initial design. But that's all fixed now. All that's left is a dialog box I actually don't need. But, of course, that's what I'm planning to work on.

And then modify all my various scattered, disorganized scripts to ignore deleted fields.

And then, of course, start printing books. I'm... very oddly excited about that concept. Which is sorta disturbing.

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