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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]

I just responded to an email from Adrian. He's getting ready to ask DJs for "minus one" mashup tracks for me to karaokicise, and was wondering if there were any preferences.

I gave him three that I was interested in, but thought I'd ask if anyone else had thoughts on the subject.

Yes, moahb, I'm looking at you.

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Mood: bouncybouncy

Sweet Nation Army, tricky sandman, black sabatoge, sympathy for teen spirit, since u been gahan, my other car is a beatle, Sgt. Peppers Paradise, detox, careless or dead, Black Beatles, Every Car you chase, Love will tear you apart/she wants originality, standing in the way of connection, la la her madly, maiden goes to bollywood, dissolved by the water all the...... If you need the DJ's I can do that too :D

I take it you'd like me to go into this full time, eh?

We were only talking about initially doing 14 songs, and that's a list of 16. I'll pass it along, though - probably after waiting a day or so to see if there are any other reactions.

you wanted suggestions :D

I'm not expecting all of them, but & some are better than others, & you should totally get the input of others also, especially since I'm so far away......

Well, what ones would you most like to sing? It's not like these won't be available for download, no matter how far away you are.

Or if that's too hard, I'm sure someone (me) would be quite willing to burn and send you a disc or two.

sweet nation army, every car you chase, careless or dead, dissolved by the water, standing in the way of connection, my other car is a beatle, Love will tear you apart......


I'll pass those on.

Re: Perfect!


Since you just looked it up for me, Closer to Rock & Roll, please!