Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Last night's show was much, much fun.

The main news for the night was the presence of ajayav, out for her birthday.

Of course, when she walked in, I remembered that I'd completely forgotten about both her birthday park party and genuine_snark's party at Vasona at the same time. I knew I would have to blow one of them off - but I didn't plan to do it to both...

Ah well.

Since she was there, we had several people that I'm sure I wouldn't have seen otherwise, such as Albert and justnate. As well as quite a few others that I don't really know.

I actually had enough people to start by 8:15pm or so, and ended up running for about 10 rotations before stopping at 2:00am sharp.

We had several wonderful hours of candiddani, who I swear likes tempting people to slap her butt. I managed to resist - barely. Someone else didn't have quite the same level of self-control...

A few hours of trivialt, quite a bit of snafflekid, some lucydogstringer, and, just to finish the evening off, the appearance of not only Shawn, but also Eddie. Not to mention the shadowy presence of lynxcat who I hadn't seen since Baycon.

Also a quick visit by entropyca and deekers, to drop off the music for Saturday. Which, as it turns out, I couldn't read. That's since been fixed by the magic of the internet, however.

We actually made target for the evening - in fact beat it by a bit - though that was likely mostly due to the Drunk Guy At The End Of The Bar™. It was the first night that timenchanter's had to clean vomit out of one of the bathrooms...

Many good people, and (apart from the DGATEOTB™), a very good energy for the night. It made me happy.

Even if I only made $3 in tips. At least I made a decent amount off of bar sales.

Just, again, no new discs for me.

After a relaxed shutdown hanging out with Shawn and Eddie, Timmie and I had some supper at IHOP, where I ate too much - the reason, I'm sure, for the rather interesting dreams later. Apparently corn meal pancakes are a psychoactive substance for me.

Today has been pretty mellow. I finished sanding the base of the tip jar, and have applied the mirror tape, somewhat successfully.

I'm just glad this thing will mostly be seen in the dark.

The LEDs arrived in the mail today, so just before leaving, I hooked one up. At least with fresh, standard alkaline batteries, just one of those suckers is bright. Of course, I didn't have a limiting resistor on the thing...

And that's mostly it. I just finished another dinner at Chevy's, where the hostess led me to "my" booth...

And it's time to go. I'm late for the bar.

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