Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Have I Mentioned That Glue Hates Me?

I woke up - well, more like gave up on sleep - on Saturday around 2:00pm, checked the mail, and found I had two more of the pieces for the tip jar project - a roll of mirror vinyl tape, and the battery pack for the LEDs.

The battery pack, of course, doesn't fit in the bottom of the tip jar I bought.

So I hurried through getting ready, rushed out the door, and got to TAP plastics at about 4:30pm. A mere 2 and a half hours later...

Anyway. That gave me half an hour before closing. I left there with a circular piece of acrylic, and an 8" length of 5" diameter acrylic tubing. Well, and some glue. And a little nozzle applicator thingie to help control the glue.

More on all that in a bit.

I then dropped by Valley Fair, where I grabbed some food, and a birthday card for my Dad (He turned 87 on Friday), then wandered around the place for a bit with rue_gingertabby, who happened to have noticed me walking by.

Then a fruitless search for appropriate lettering, which took me to an Aaron Brothers, an Office Max (it was next to the Aaron Brothers, so, hey, why not?), and a Michael's. After a little more research tonight, I may get some adhesive stencil film and a cheap engraver, and engrave the letters I want into the thing. Given the whole LED setup, I'd therefore have glowing print, which would be kinda nifty.

That took until 7:30pm, at which time I dropped back by the Duplex, picked up timenchanter, and then headed off to Los Gatos and the Maison du Café for a dinner to celebrate my dad's aforementioned birthday.

We were going to have dinner with my cousin Beth up at the dome, but her new hubby is apparently under the weather.

We got back to the Duplex around 10:30pm, and Timmie headed off to the bar, ostensibly to bartend.

Given his condition at the time, I think hunting for brains might have been more appropriate.

This brought me back to my pieces of plastic. I have a long, and generally negative history with glue. I don't know why, but I have a tendency to put way too much on the pieces I'm trying to attach. I used to have some model airplanes that demonstrated the technique quite well - they pretty much looked like balls of glue with plastic pieces stuck to them. It doesn't help that I can't ever seem to align the pieces correctly when I try to put them together...

Well, I wasn't going to do that here. I washed and dried my pieces of plastic, used the little applicator to put a fine bead of adhesive on the edge of the tubing, carefully aligned the pieces, pressed them together, and left them pressed together under one of the heaviest books I own - the 54th Edition CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. The name alone is enough to weigh anything down.

And, of course, when I decided half an hour ago to check on the thing, it turned out that absolutely none of the glue had adhered to the disk. So I used my standard technique - especially since the little applicator is now irretrievably clogged - and leaned on the pieces for 15 minutes.

The result may be slightly lopsided, and I may have bits of glue coming out of the join everywhere, but at least they're attached. I was planning to put a strip of the mirror tape around the base, anyway.

Which is a story for tomorrow. Tape doesn't like me, either. And this is tape with a permanent, weatherproof adhesive...

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