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Bruce [userpic]
It's Not My Day for Mail Order

Well, two of the various things I ordered came in today. And they're both, well, not what I ordered.

They also both were delivered by people pounding on the door when I was on the toilet, but that's another issue.

First of all, the tip jar came in. It's cute, a little smaller than I'd like, but cute. The problem is that the jar comes in several flavors, most of them preprinted. I don't want preprinted. I specifically found a site that had the part # and description of a clear, unprinted jar.

They of course sent me one that says "THANK YOU" in large red letters.

Now, I can't fault the sentiment ("THANK YOU," that is), but the letters extend down to where I want to attach the LEDs. This is a bit of a problem.

They're being very gracious about returns, but, well, that still leaves me with a tip jar issue - they don't stock the one I want, and most people sell them in packs of 12.

Then there's the tie-down straps. What with Julz and Dana borrowing my monitor stand twice a week (by permission, of course), but using their own monitor (mine doesn't take baseline signals), the strap that holds the monitor on in case of spills has become, well, pretty much useless. It never fit properly in the first place, and the tiny little strip of Velcro that actually makes contact has largely gone bad.

So I found this place online that sells cargo tie-down straps. Slight overkill, but cheap, and with some hacksawing and cutting, I could get a simple tie-down solution that uses a cam-lock, instead of Velcro.

As I opened the package, I ran into a piece of paper saying they didn't have the 6' one I asked for in stock, so they gave me a 12' one at the same price. No biggie - I was going to cut off most of the length anyway.

Except they sent me a bright yellow one, instead of a black one. I've got a black stand with a black monitor. Hell, for outdoors use, I've got a black sun visor. I really don't want a bright yellow strap across the top of the thing.


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Even with "no substitutions," you still get BS like the tip jar. I mean, you put up the part # I want, and the description of what I want, but you just don't happen to stock that? You thought "the tech's had fixed the site"? Really?

And with the tie-down, I knew something was up, because there was a slight delay in processing. Well, they had my bloody email address.

Is it really that hard to type a quick question?

But...but...that would mean the peons would talk UP to the order clerks. Shit rolls DOWNhill.

Oh, come now. Given most sales sites, the whole operation is two guys with a garage full of boxes.

It's the face of modern commerce.


I got nothin...

Well except maybe: Don't forget the hamsters. Two guys and some hamsters with a garage full of boxes.

A near-perfect e-commerce site name!

"Two guys and some hamsters!" I'll go register the URL now!

That is, if it's not already taken...


According to GoDaddy, twoguysandsomehamsters.com is available to the first lucky registrant!