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Bruce [userpic]

I've actually been somewhat productive since my last post. Odd, that.

I spent a little time shopping after dinner last night, with mixed results (Office Depot apparently doesn't want to sell large clear labels), then came home, and more or less got to work.

I now have clean underwear, clean pants, and clean sheets. Is very nice.

I also have quite a bit more of the DB lookup thing done. It's amazing how long it takes to do a task when you know what you want to do, but don't necessarily know the mechanics in the languages involved. SQL is not, particularly, my friend, and while Python is, the fact that I've done so much switching between PHP and Python means that I'm not really sure what's legal where.

Let me just say, by the way, that no matter how used to it you might be, SQL is no-one's friend. It's quite obviously COBOL for database lookup, with a corresponding attempt to look like English grammar, and a tendency to require odd positions for oddly-named modifiers.

Add to that a lack of familiarity, and finding an optimal way to clone part of a table becomes a remarkably time-consuming research project. But whatever. I've got it mostly covered, and will only run into 5 or 6 fatal syntax errors before I get it to run.

And my database is small enough that even at terrible efficiencies, it'll likely still run fast enough.

In other news, it looks like the United Way thing will be at noon on August 15th. I'll post more when I find out more - like the location. Apparently the idea is to get people to donate per song.

Also, I've lined up the next two discs I want to purchase, one of which required some digging - it's not available from my usual sources. So come see me tonight and tip heavily!

Or, y'know, just come see me tonight. It helps soothe my insecurities when people actually show up...

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I like SQL.

For the love of all sensible, regular grammar, why?

I kindof have to.
Much of our configuration, documentation, and code generation is done from a database. The tools which provide access to the database are formless, generic apps which don't know how to configure their GUI or implement the access control logic for the data in the database. Those aspects of their behavior are treated as metadata which are also stored in the database as bits of tcl, tk, and SQL. So we have to read the database in order to read and write the database.
And the developer of this system has retired.

Ah, so it's the infamous Autocad effect: Once you've accustomed yourself to the idiosyncrasies of the environment, you start to become fond of, and then defensive of, what you're used to.