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January 2019
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Bruce [userpic]

After my last post, I got some mail that pointed out that for only $5 more, I could handle the whole fictitious name publishing thing online. So I did that. It's still $5 cheaper than the place I've used in the past.

Still, I got up and out of the house by 3:00pm or so - after all, the alternative was seriously researching liability insurance. There's a Spencer's at the Great Mall, and I figured there might be a tacky LED jewelry cart up there, too, so I went and walked around the periphery. Nothing of interest, but it's always a good walk.

From there I headed to On The Border, which wasn't really what I wanted (not that I could tell what was), but was nearby and cheap. After eating way too much there, I dropped by the Lawrence Fry's, and found nothing I wanted there, either. But it was another fun ramble.

Then to the bar. I was there early, for a change, and was pretty much set up by 7:30pm.

And, just like Sunday, didn't start the show until 8:50pm. Oh well. I had time to set up some songs for people that were likely to drop by, surf the net, and all that.

The evening started with David T., rue_gingertabby, and a little later their friend Jon. There was also a couple of hours of Harmony. David's (I assume) S.O. brought the cutest puppy. I have no idea of the breed. He was sort of what I see in my head when one says "puppy."

With little additions here and there, all of whom I should remember, but don't, the rotation reached about 9 people, and stayed there until about 11:00pm, when David and company left.

Let's see. There was supersniffles, and timenchanter, and Rebecca's boyfriend Mike ("Mike Rock, I'm a contractor, M.J. Rock Construction." It was like an ad every time he grabbed the mic. But he was nice enough, if kinda drunk). Shortly after the one puppy went home, lucydogstringer showed up with, I think, the whole gaggle (I forget if it was 3 or 4). Jack decided to go exploring around the outside of the building, leading Steven to put them all in this, uh, giant chest baby carrier bag thing. Odd, it was.

The end of the evening saw Timmie and Steven on one of the back couches, covered in chihuahuas.

Andrew, who I haven't seen in over a year, showed up, and sang several songs. And we had several people show up, have a drink or three, and take off.

In the end (after 16 rotations), the bar did, well, better than it has been. Income was about 18% below target, bringing the weekend to 26% below target, which is better than we've done for quite a while.

I stopped off at Denny's for supper and unwinding, stayed there surfing until something like 4:15am, then came home, unloaded, and surfed. I've know ordered most of the pieces for the tip jar project. We'll see how it goes when they all get here.

It's going to be fairly expensive, but mostly because I've ordered multiple pieces separately, and they all have $4-$6 shipping charges. But I simply couldn't find any of them locally.

So that's one silly, unimportant project that's out of the way - at least until all of the pieces get here.

Right now, I'm going back to sleep.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: calmcalm

The cute puppy was a golden retriever in training to be a seeing eye dog. Doesn't that make him even that much more precious? OMG, that puppy is adorable!

Steven only had three of his brood with him because Lucy is spending the summer with his mom.

The puppy is named Guillermo, and his human is tetralizard.

No, the cute puppy was a Yellow Lab, not a Goldie. But, yes, he's a guide dog trainee.

I usually get golden retriever and yellow lab mixed up when they're puppies. He's adorable nonetheless.

I don't. My dog skills are l33t and legendary.

Your aminal skills are, in general, far superior to mine.

I used to frighten fellow pet-shop employees by not only knowing every pure-breed dog that came through the door but, often, being able to name the parents of mixed breeds.



The raw pictures are here. Well, all of them except the suspension sequence.

Apart from the usual cropping/scaling, they almost all need color depth correction.