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Bruce [userpic]
The Tip Jar Project

Since I've been asked a couple of times, here's the present state of the tip jar project - suggestions are welcome. Though, all joking aside, part of the idea is to have something to take with me to parties and gigs at other bars.

In other words, giant penises just don't do it.

Lifesize effigies of princesskiti22's boobs, while tempting, don't quite do it either.

So. Basic rules: Clear (seeing other tips seems to help), plastic (mixed glass shards and bills don't spend well), and about the volume of the present jar (roughly 60oz, or 1.7l).

Since drawing attention to the jar appears to be necessary, I've been seriously thinking about including a light-up base such as this one. I actually would prefer something less "super-bright," but I'm interested in something that does a gradual color change, which a lot of the other bases I've seen don't - especially battery-powered bases, which are kind of a given.

The last thing I need to do is flash a light in the face of an epileptic.

I kind of like this jar, especially since it's actually designed for the purpose. The only problem is the black bottom, which defeats the "diffuse light through the jar" idea. Unless I can find an alternative ring-shaped light source. I've looked at LED necklaces (I don't need a whole lot of light), but again, all those I've found flash.

The top contender right at the moment is this guy (the 1.5l in the front of the picture). It might involve some money-fishing at the end of the night, but that's OK - I gots tools. If I use the base I mentioned earlier, I might have to stick something on the inside bottom to prevent direct light, but allow the body of the jar to act as a light pipe.

Right at the moment, I'm thinking of getting some clear labels, and simply putting either "Tips" or "Love Me!" on the front. Or both. Or something else. I'm still thinking about that. The hope is that with the light pipe effect, the black printing on the labels will stand out.

Though, offhand, when you run into a glowing container next to a DJ, you know what it's there for.

I know I'm overthinking this, but that's part of the fun - for me, at least.

There are other containers I've considered, by the way. There's this one, which at least looks nice in the pictures (though for my purposes, I could do without the spout), and this one, which I've mostly abandoned because it would be hard to nicely affix a label.

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That's a thought. I've also thought of getting an LED bracelet or necklace, since not all of them flash, and one can replace the batteries in most of them.

Tempting, though the 8oz volume is kind of a deal-killer.

The fact that it's certainly made of glass is, sadly, also a problem. It has to survive both drunks and clumsy KJs...

Whatever ya choose

Make sure it's something that can be passed around the bar.

Re: Whatever ya choose

Portability is one of the requirements, don't worry.