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I'm Not Writing This

I'm not, because I'm already up and working on the day.  See me?  Yeah!  Go Brucie!  Go Brucie!

Right.  Well.  At least I'm sort of up...pish.

Went out last night with timenchanter to Consuelo's at Santana Row.  unbreak_able had recommended it, and apparently so had someone at Timmie's work.  Awesome food, and reasonably priced.  The place is worth it for the guacamole alone.

Then we went to cmjfoxfyre's Friday the 13th party.  Hung out, schmoozed, drank.  She was going to be showing horror films, but we were all too busy talking to get around to it.  Timmie stayed relatively conscious, which was impressive - he'd only had time for 2 hours of sleep after sobering me up Thursday night.  I mostly vegged on the couch with cekyr0 and jeffercine.

'Round about midnight, said our goodbyes, and I drove Timmie home, and we made plans to do all sorts of productive stuff today, many of which involved my getting up at 9:00, since I was heading straight home...

I just apparently have an odd idea of "home", because I pulled into the KoC parking lot at 12:30...

Got to talk to Debbie some, hung out with supersniffles, said hi to delirium, wavewarrior, dancin_whitey, and Eddie, and generally hung out in a similar way, though without the couch.

Got home at 2:00, and went to bed.  I did indeed get up at 9:00, but I still need to get my damn ass in gear.  Which I will be doing....  now.

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