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Bruce [userpic]
Forgot to Mention...

After some running around Thursday, the karaoke business is significantly more legal. It's a little scary how familiar I am with both City Hall and the County building.

It's also disturbing how San Jose, after already having the largest fee for a business license in the South Bay (by a factor of 3, last time I checked), recently decided to tack on a $22 "first time" fee for new licenses.

San Jose: We'll find some way to finance bad public art!

After a bit of shopping, I am also still without a tip jar. Target did not come through. I may be checking out IKEA later tonight.

That's not as urgent as it was, since the month of Swingin' Door tanked, but it's still something I should look into.

But right now, a shower and then some form of food is in order.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: hungryhungry

now refresh me, or else i missed it entirely in the first place, but what exactly are you looking for in a tip jar? i'd like to keep my eyes open for you, if i can. :)

I haven't really been too descriptive, because I'm not totally sure what I want. I'm actually kinda liking the beer jug form factor - the size is about right, I definitely want something transparent, and a handle, while far from required, is nice.

plastic is kind of a requirement. I suspect a glass tip jar would last about 6 months before becoming a road hazard.

So I'm kinda looking for something similar that doesn't scream "cheap beer" when you look at it. Either a nicely designed pitcher, or a wide-mouth vase.