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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Full Moon

Full moons normally do well by me. And by some measures (see my previous post), this one has done very well indeed.

It's still been kinda odd.

Thursday was on the whole pleasant, but also very odd. We had another evening of firestrike, and the usual suspects, so I got to hear some more kshandra. Someone had a birthday. I've apparently met him before. I hate it when I don't even vaguely recognize someone, but it happens so often...

In any case, I believe his name was Chris, he's apparently friends with markobellydance, and came with a gaggle of girls, at least one of which (Melinda) got roaring drunk. She was generally entertaining, except the time she tried to toss the red mic to Chris.

Fortunately without breaking it. I really didn't want another huge expense at this juncture.

So I guess that's another place I can count myself lucky.

We had sparkle_journal and jackal_logic, trivialt and Jason (they were going to go see The Dark Knight, but couldn't get a ticket), lucydogstringer (who left before singing because he had reserved tickets to see The Dark Knight for himself and maiandra), and an unexpected visit by Mikey H., who will apparently shortly be moving back from Milwaukee.

The rotation made it up to around 18 at one point. So, y'know, not bad at all. I think it was at the end of the 5th rotation, and about 12:30am, when everyone started going home. Or to the movies. Or, as in the case of supersniffles and Matt, to Sacramento. So much so that by 1:20am or so, the rotation consisted of myself and Trankenstein.

In fact, at that point, the people in the bar were Tranky, myself, bluize, and moonshae.

I kept going for a bit, since Ruby had a drink, but at 1:40am, I just closed down. My throat thanked me.

I was singing much better, but I still had a lot of range missing, and, well, y'know, just not all there.

I also learned that I should never ever try to sing Plowed. Fortunately, that was after most people had left, but it may have helped the last few out the door...

Just a little odd, was that evening. Tips were, unsurprisingly, not quite enough to buy a disc, so I haven't. I've had other stuff I need to buy, anyway.

I had some food at the Mini, came home, unloaded, sat down in my chair for a bit, and woke up at something like 8:00am. And then proceeded to try to sleep, fairly unsuccessfully, for the next 6 hours or so.

Then a pleasant afternoon of song assimilation, and off to visit Ryan and Chelsea. The Tower is an incredibly cute little place. A very nice evening of chili, snacks, conversation, and Apples-to-Apples.

I spent a lot of time chatting with genuine_snark, but we also had Amy and her husband Frank, and a girl named Veronica.

I also had the previously-mentioned bottle of Ryan's mead. Good stuff, which I was sipping for a few hours. Apparently I should have been sipping it for a few more.

Ryan and I had already talked about mead being a stealth drink. This was proof. About 40 proof, by Ryan's estimation...

We all kind of dissolved some time after midnight, and I headed home, with that slight pause for a visit with officer Friendly. And I've been holed up ever since - mostly, like yesterday, attempting to sleep, with some success. I may try for a bit more...

Or get back to the whole Python/DB thing. That would be good.

Tonight Beth is bringing dinner up to my parents' place, so I should be at the dome earlyish, in order to get a few things done before she shows up.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: calmcalm

Had a great time chatting with you! Hope Officer Friendly was...

Definitely a good evening - we must do it again some time. :-)

And if you read my previous post, officer Friendly ended up too busy to give me serious grief. Luckily.

Eek! That's the problem with the "read backwards" approach of friends pages.

I'm really glad you made it out without incident. So you know, I'm always up for IHOP or similar, if there's ever any question.

From the amount of mead you were nursing, I think you would have been well under the limit though. Had I thought otherwise, I'd have said something.

Yeah, I dunno. I was not quite feeling normal, but then, I hadn't slept well the night before, and I'm still recovering from the flu earlier in the week...

Well, dirty realities, there's room between sober and under the limit for "not quite normal." but yeah, I hear you. Like I said, pebka^Wpancaks next time. ;)

"Visit IHOP to avoid your next ID10T error..."

Hey, any excuse to go to IHOP. If you're telling me it's a preventative now, how can I really argue?

Because I know you're a completeness fiend, I'll note that my two friends were jannypanlj and i_got_u_feed. Janny sang; Martin flirted with me when Matt wasn't. ;-)

Thanks! I'd forgotten about them - which is a true shame. They were both a lot of fun.

And I just loved that it worked out the way it did. I'd made plans for Martin to come by via Twitter, but Janny saw my post and decided to drop in without telling me. (Hence my completely dropping the first line of "Carnival" - I was busy having my gast flabbered. *grin*)

Everyone should have their gast flabbered periodically...

But please, remember to hang a sock on the door while you're doing it, lest you shock your roommates...