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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Guess What?

Yes, it's that time again - as in two days since the previous one - to list more songs in the collection.

So far, the whole "tips for tracks" concept seems to be working.

Anyway, this installment includes SC-8874 and SFG-023, which brings our total track count to 13,154, and the unique track count to 9,913.

It also means the latest update sheet is exactly 9 pages long.

There's one pending disc that I'm still waiting for. It looks like that one shipped Wednesday morning, so I likely won't see it until Friday.

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tracks? Will there be a D10K-like catastrophe if unique surpasses 4 digits?

More to the point, what does it mean in bits, or bytes?
And do you have a good backup scheme for this?

I believe the term "track" harks back to vinyl days, and refers to an instance of a song. I use it instead of "song" because of the whole "unique" issue. When one buys a karaoke disc one (almost) inevitably gets repeats of songs already in the catalog - but since they're from a different studio, they sometimes have an aspect that's preferred by a singer over the other versions. So I keep all of them in the catalog, but use the term "tracks" rather than "songs".

However, I usually say "unique song count" for the second number, because that's a quick-and-dirty measure of how many unique song/artist combinations are in the database. Since the unique count value is the result of a MySQL operation, I don't know precisely the limitations on the number. Could be 31 bits, could be 32 bits, could be 64 bits - I dunno. But it's higher than the number of karaoke tracks ever made by a number of orders of magnitude, so I'm not going to worry about it too much.

The data itself is 137GB. I won't say I have a good backup scheme. My rig has two music discs, and I simply use MS's SyncToy to keep them, well, in sync. Not to mention, of course, that I own all of the original discs, for copyright purposes at least.

However, it would be best if I instituted a more geographically distributed backup scheme.

Omg Ryan is going to be so happy.

Ty Bruce!

You're welcome, dear!