Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Crawlin' Along

Good things have happened. I know they have. I just need to focus on them, right?

Well, to start with, timenchanter made me some wonderful chicken-rice soup yesterday. I'm not sure its level of perfection was exactly planned, but it certainly worked out. All the veggies we had were unusable, so the main vegetable is garlic (Yay!). He used more rice than he planned, so the result was almost porridge-thick (Yay!). When I asked for "spicy," he added enough chili oil to kill a small elephant (Yay!!!).

The result not only tasted great, but completely cleared up all symptoms while I was eating it. I just finished off the last bowl (Boo!!!!).

I was... able to sing at the show last night. It sure as hell didn't sound too good, but I stuck it out for 14 rotations before giving up, mostly because for almost all night, the rotation was 3 people long. You can make a 3 person rotation work. Don't ask me why, but a two-person, not really. So I filled in.

It was, uh, not particularly busy. The bar did about as well as it has been lately, mostly in the last two hours or so, when random people showed up, bought drinks, and sat in the background. At least two were there post-Police/Elvis Costello concert.

Well, actually, three. kshandra came in for four songs before heading home to bed.

So, lessee. The people we had around 9:00pm-9:30pm were k_magic, electrichobbit, and jorgitoelcubano. I started the show around 9:50pm, because with a song from Jorge, I actually had enough people to sing.

He did 3 songs, so they left around 10:30pm, when supersniffles showed up. Kirsten got there some time between 11:45pm and midnight, and did 4 songs, so we actually had 4 rotations of 4 people. She left just about the time that lucydogstringer showed up, and Timmie finally convinced me to stop croaking on stage, bringing it back down to 3 people. And I ran like that until 1:50am.

Exciting times. I definitely felt better than Sunday - I was able to sing, even if not particularly well.

A quick closedown, then home, where I had some more of that soup...

Sleep was a little tricky, mostly because of this constant desire to cough, and the associated sinus pain. But I eventually got some, in bits here and there.

And then there's the other stuff I've been dealing with, as mentioned earlier. Not altogether thrilled about all that.

I have a lot of research to do, but it looks like the insurance will effectively cost around $250 annually. It's not a terrible thing to have (though I'm not totally sure how I can cause $1,000,000 of personal damage with my equipment, though I suppose I do run cords people can trip on). And it's an impetus to bring the business fully into the legal realm, which I haven't done.

But I really was hoping to make money this and next month, not lose yet more. Dammit.

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