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Bruce [userpic]
A Vortex of Suck

Money has been, well, tight, to say the least, but and I've been counting on some upcoming shows to help ease the pressure - 4 fill-in days at the Swingin' Door, and another SJSU show.

I just discovered that, since the other guy's plans fell through, I won't be doing the days at the Swingin' Door.

Bad enough, but understandable.

Then SJSU just called, about the August 22nd show. It's not that it's canceled, but every single frikkin' time I do anything with them, the rules change - at least the rules that are applied. And I'm going to have to provide them with an insurance certificate. She's supposedly emailing me the details right now, assuming she could understand my voice on the phone.

It goes without saying that none of my stuff is insured in the least. I can't exactly afford it.

And I suspect that the cost is going to be higher than what I'll make off the gig...

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