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Bruce [userpic]

Not really a whole lot to say.

I've been home, sick, not really in a state to concentrate on doing anything interesting. Y'know, like coding.

I think I'm better right now, and I'm certainly going to be doing the show tonight, but I may just be quarantined in the booth.

So yeah, it's been a day of wallowing in my own filth, eating delivery pizza, and drinking a lot of water. Some sleep, too. I'm thinking of revisiting that option right now.

I did spend some time searching for tip jars online. I thought maybe someone had something interesting.

Not so much. Someone definitely has something crass and tasteless, though...

So yeah, woo. Hope everyone else's weekend has been better!

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: sicksick

I'm sorry you are sick again. :( I've made a tip jar and its on this little bar thing I got that goes from the kitchen to my dining room. Its plastic yet LARGE. I generally put all of our change in it when ever we use cash. :) Would you like me to make you one? decals and cool stuff?

I've been actually looking at designing my own - I'll probably go to Target some day soon for a large pitcher or vase, and I've dug up a place that does custom stickers...

Sigh. Sorry, dear. I'm a really hard person to do anything for...

And the sickness bit is kinda part of the job. I meet and hang around a lot of people on a regular basis, so I'm exposed to pretty much everything that comes around.

No problem. Later this week I'm making a brief case out of Taco Bell sauce packets! Its for a friend whose going to take over the world with them. Do you think 175 packets are going to be enough? :P