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I of course have done nothing on the database front - well, nothing serious. I added a "deleted" field to the schema, and set it up properly. But nothing reads it yet.

What I did do today was drop by Mama Colleen's, at the prompting of chaoswolf. Always an interesting group, though I somehow find the place very, well, tiring. Not sure exactly how.

I apparently should create a host of filk karaoke tracks. Which is all very nice - in fact, I'm planning to get the software necessary before too long, anyway, for the Smash-Up Derby project (should that come through).

What most people don't seem to get is that you don't take a recorded track, wave a magic wand over it, and have the vocals disappear. There's software (and hardware) for the purpose, but nothing that really does a very good job. But I shouldn't be surprised - I have enough people walk into a bar, and expect that if they pop a disc into my equipment, not only will the vocals disappear, but the lyrics will magically pop out.

On the other hand, with filk, where one generally has a closer connection to the source of the music, it might just be possible to get a version recorded without lyrics. Or for a studio version, possibly the original multi-track recording. And in that case, after considerable work, one can actually produce a karaoke track.

Of course, the problem then comes down to the (a) small audience that actually knows the song, and (b) fact that most of said audience is used to playing an instrument while singing someone else's song anyway. But at least it can be done.

You might have to pay me to do it, though.

Anyway, I spent a few hours there, talked to various people including kshandra, proved to Kirsten that yes, I can pick her up (though not for very long - it isn't the weight so much as the leverage...), then went and hung out at Panera until closing to commune with my laptop and enjoy their air conditioning.

And now I'm home, and, sadly, back to not very productive. There's always a possibility something may happen, but there's not a huge amount of time between now and when I need to try to sleep. I must be up early tomorrow, so timenchanter and I can make it to the City, and help with planning for entropyca and deekers's wedding.

I also just realized (thanks to Chaos) that I'm double-booked for Friday. I agreed a couple of months ago to help my friend Melanie celebrate her birthday in Foster City. But it's also kizmet100's birthday at the bar. Dammit.

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