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Bruce [userpic]
Yes, More

I just added SC-8803 to the collection. I'm also waiting for the two discs I ordered the previous day, but it looks like they've been backordered - the charge for them hasn't even come through.

So, anywho, the track count is now 13,107, and the number of unique songs is 9,874.

Everything is available for perusal in the usual place.

New update sheets tomorrow, yada yada yada.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

I'm so gonna practice Aerials!!!!!!!
I'll have it perfect by the time you guys hear it!

Right about the same time I'll be depressing everyone with Voodoo.

And I've gotta learn She Hates Me better...

Please tell me they didn't put the full outro on Aerials..... Much as I love it, its longer than closer's & that would be reason enough for me to skip it :D

It's only 4 minutes long - which is I assume why SC marked it as a "radio edit."

There was a technical problem with scanning it that made it 8 minutes long, but that was 4 minutes of silence, and is the result of reasons why many people at SC should die screaming.

Not that I'm bitter about the time they waste for me, or anything.

HA. I was just about to tell gridlore that Bruce had picked that up (it was his ringtone on his old phone)...and I've had it stuck in my head since I read the listing.