Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Stuck Between Gears

One of my failings is that I love to have done something, but I'm not so big on the doing itself.

I know I'm far from unique in that, but I think I take it to extremes.

So, anyway, I've been basking in the "glory" of my successful revamp of the bar website.

And having no luck whatsoever changing gears from PHP to Python, and getting somewhere with the song lookup program. It's intensely annoying.

Every time I try to take a look at it, my mind kinda slides right off of it.

Earlier, I blamed that on a lack of glucose. It's one very pleasant (and wonderfully air conditioned) dinner at TGIFriday's later, and I can't complain about that.

I suppose I could lay it on the heat. My room is down to a frigid 89° right now, though.

I mostly think I'm just lazy.

Eh. Blame it on the rain...

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