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Bruce [userpic]
Relaxed Sunday

Another low-key day yesterday. I spent a good part of the day working on that database application, with some progress for a change. Also some idea of how much I've bitten off for a few aspects.

It ain't the display, it's the lookup - particularly for the handling of deleted records.

timenchanter and I left the Duplex a little early, and had a reasonably nice dinner at the new Fantazia Thai restaurant on north First. Then a little walk around the area (OK, we were really early), and a slow, relaxed drive to the bar - which got us there at 6:30pm.

It at least meant we had a little more time to air the place out before anybody showed up.

We didn't have enough people to start the show until 8:40pm or so, of course, and I didn't actually start until 8:55pm, because I was having too good a reaction to the videos.

I'd mentioned the banana as proof of God video to Timmie earlier, and while it was just ourselves and some guy named Bruce, I showed that and the ever-amusing peanut butter as disproof of evolution video.

I could make a drinking game out of these videos. Take a shot when you spot the logical fallacy...

Anyway, people started appearing around then, and the rotation actually headed up to an hour long for, well, a couple of hours. Too many people to completely count, but we had sparkle_journal and jackal_logic, electrichobbit and jorgitoelcubano, trivialt and Jason, spawrhawk and Dominic, Nate-o and Colleen, and quite a few others that didn't show up in pairs, like qzar_mystik and lucydogstringer.

We also had short visits by both Esperanzas. The one to get me some data, and pass out Club Spice fliers, and the other, well. Her usual.

At something like 11:00pm, my deodorant must have run out, because almost everyone headed home at roughly the same time. We were left with kizmet100, Mikey, Dominic, Nate-o, Steven, and a couple of trannies that had been there before, Cheri and Jacci. It actually took a little bit of convincing on Timmie's part to keep Cheri singing, because she "wasn't as good as others there," but once the concept got through, the two of them put up quite a few songs.

So it certainly never got all that dead. I ran for about 8 rotations before closing just before 2:00am. Timmie and I were closed up and out of there before 2:30am.

The bar did OK. Less than my goal for Sundays, but only by 14% or so.

Then some cooldown time at IHOP, and home, where I got to sleep before too long.

Today I've been doing a little coding, but of a different sort - for one thing, all the database stuff is on the machine at the bar. However, I'm getting tired of hard coding some of the bar website front page stuff, so I'm working on putting together a small queuing system, which will hopefully be easier to use - at least for me.

Right now, though, I should probably get up and ready for tonight.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: awakeawake

Don't get your panties wet just yet - I've been told to take the gallery down (and I'm not supposed to talk about it). This is just updating the events on the front page, which I do once a month or so.

oh btw, i was browsing your site today, and noticed the word South was not capitalized. is it not supposed to be? just curious. :-)

It looks good btw. :-)

As I understand it, if I'm referring to the "south San Francisco bay area," the only proper noun is "San Francisco." The "south" is an adjective, and "bay" and "area" are improper nouns.

If, instead, I used the phrase "South Bay," that is commonly used in this area as a proper noun, and so should be capitalized, much the same as the City.

I'd happily entertain corrections, though. Despite my background, my grammar is far from perfect.

Oh, and thanks!

my grammar stinks. :-) so you are probably most likely correct!

I'll be putting them up on my LJ scrapbook, and pointing to them from a post.

The problem is the huge number of higher-priority projects.

Like, y'know, trying to get to the point where I can make enough money to survive. That's high on the urgency list right now.

If you feel like it, don't mention that I told you, but ask Paula sometime why the gallery isn't available. I'd really like to see her squirm on that one.

*blink blink* I hadn't seen the peanut butter one yet. Thanks for hurting my brain. :-)

We do what we can. :-D

After I showed that one, Timmie said something about feeling neurons die as he watched it.

It reminds me so much of some neighbors I had many years ago. They came over all excited one day to tell us that their son had proved the existence of God.

This seemed quite cool, if, well, unlikely.

The proof? "If you stand in the middle of the freeway, close your eyes, and tell yourself you won't get hit, you will anyway."

That one still hurts when I think about it. I'd never run into Dadaist evangelicals before. Especially ones that were intensely sincere.

ouch! ouch!

One has to remember, when dealing with many human beings, that logic is more of an... add-on option, as far as we're concerned. The human brain seems to work mostly on relationships - generally two-way ones - hence the tendency to believe in natural magic ("If I damage the effigy, the person represented will be hurt, too!") and odd bits of causal weirdness ("My team won the last two times I wore these shorts, so I need to wear them every time they play!").

When dealing with these particular people, you have to remember that the existence of not just God, but their God, who does things their way, is a given. It pervades all their thoughts, and will be the first test of any idea presented to them.

Atheism, or, indeed, the belief in a god with slightly different attributes, is converted in their minds to a willful denial of the obvious truth. One isn't an atheist - one is "lashing out at God."

Overwhelming proof, occurring in front of their eyes, will be explained away differently. Much as the peanut butter thing. Apparently the coming together of self-replicating chemicals and a protein bubble (in whatever order) over a span of billions of years is the equivalent of finding the occasional insect crawling out of a peanut butter jar.

So to return to the "proof of God" I mentioned, these proofs are easy, because God is a given. Therefore all they're saying is that closing your eyes to the obvious fact of His existence will not save you from his wroth, or whatever.

I formed the opinion at a very early age that Americans, as a whole, really hate critical thinking. It gets in the way of their prejudices. It's true of people everywhere, but we really don't trust people that think.

CLub Spice? when? I'll try to make it up there

The confirmed dates for Club Spice are August 1st and October 24th.

I won't be able to be at the August 1st show, since I'll be (according to plan, anyway), working the Swingin' Door that night.

But I've confirmed for the second show.

Which is all a way of saying that if you come up just for the August show, and I don't see you, I'll be forced to hunt you down and spank you severely.

And despite my luck with individual swats, don't doubt what I can do when I get a rhythm going.

LMAO, hmmmmmmm I'm going to be in town August 1st.....do you need a hostess @ Swingin' Door? I'll make a one-nite return engagement!

That would be lovely, dear. Though keep in mind, if you're flying up, that I have no room for transport in the car.

true.......I'll make someone take me, dunno who....someone........

Well, it does seem likely that at least one of our friends can be browbeaten into surviving a night of karaoke...

I dunno, it'll be tough......

But with the power of boobs, anything is possible.

I have faith.

LMAO..... Yeah I just posted about it, I'll prolly txt Hex about it too

I haven't had time to view the video, but I assume that is about Ray Comfort? What a banana flavored douchebag.

and BTW my friends had a splendiferous time on Sunday.

Yep, it's the Ray Comfort video.

And I'm glad they enjoyed themselves! They seemed like a lot of fun, though I didn't have a lot of time to talk to people...