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Picking Up Speed

Though the acceleration is slooow.  I was supposed to be at my parents around 3ish, to rescreen a couple of screen doors.  Between my crawling speed and timenchanter's needing to use my shower (Power and water was off at his apartment for some reason), we didn't make it up there until 6ish.

We had a nice dinner (As usual), and some great conversation, but when Tim and I started to take one of the screens off to work on it, my mom nixed the idea because of darkness.  Guess I'll have to head up later in the week.

Ended up talking until 11:00, then headed off to Berkeley to visit Tim's cousin Tori (Spelling possibly not correct) who just moved into the area.  Charming girl.  We hung out at a Lyon's until they kicked us out at 2:00.

Then home.

Of course, none of this is dealing with one of my major present stresses.  Just before taking off, Mena came charging up to my room - stormmonkey was at a shelter selecting a new canine companion for Llorona.  Apparently, mentioning the concept to Mena a couple of times meant it was OK to move yet another dog into my house without ever asking me.  I immediately called her to nix the concept, but we obviously need a long and most likely unpleasant talk.

It appears it's not enough to neglect the one dog she has.  She now needs to neglect two of them, in the hopes that they'll keep each other company.  Which will work, up to a point.  The fact that Mena would now be babysitting two animals that weren't hers doesn't seem to be a consideration, and the fact that each dog might be slightly less destructive doesn't mean the total wouldn't be worse.

And I won't get too far into the fact that when she said she had rats, I didn't realize she planned to move a whole rat civilization into my living room.  A rat civilization that, let's face it, has not reached the level of indoor plumbing.

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