Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Yesterday, I just didn't feel all that much like being around other people. Around 5:00pm or so, I dropped in to CPK and ate a whole pear and gorgonzola pizza. Somehow.

I made the mistake of checking on a song, with the result that I ordered two more discs. This disc ordering thing is kinda getting out of hand.

I also tweaked my business card design a bit. Then I came home, and consulted with my new swatch book, to find that the background color I actually want is simply 50% cyan.

Kind of a let-down, in some ways. Just seems too simple.

Then I napped.

Around 8:30pm or so, antisocial or not (and having gotten a fair amount of shit for not being at markobellydance and celticnoor's party), I packed up and headed to Cupertino to join tlsthatsme, Sieur Siladi, Alison, Tobi's daughter Dorothy and another kid whose name escapes me. We sat in lawn chairs with hundreds of other people and watched Cupertino's fireworks show, which was remarkably impressive.

Having kids in the crowd actually oohing and aahing was really cute.

We then all adjourned (sans kids) to a Baskin-Robbins for post-explosive ice cream, and talked. Then Michael and Alison went home, and Tobi and I talked for quite some time more in the parking lot.

She went home around midnight, and I texted timenchanter to see if there was any life left over at Marko and Kristi's. I didn't get a response until after I'd gotten home (and besides it was "well, there's some people here"), so I just stayed here.

I then finished ordering the new business cards, not that I vitally need them, but I'm really curious how the colors will turn out.

And now I just woke up from falling asleep in my chair, and am going to climb into bed.

Good night!

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