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Bruce [userpic]

Last night's show was amazing. I seriously haven't had a night that busy in years.

It was, of course, a conjunction of several things - it was Linsdsy's girlfriend (I think) Jennifer's birthday, and we had a very large lesbian contingent. Someone told me that the Savoy had just been sold, and all the staff let go - but then tankgirl told me she'd been there Wednesday, so that may just be one of those weird rumors that goes around.

I of course spread it several times over the course of the night, because, well, what are rumors for?

But otherwise, it was also one of the few non school night Thursdays, so people can stay later, the Stripes game didn't happen, for whatever reason, it was also justnate's birthday, and probably, if I looked somewhere, a planetary conjunction.

Whatever, it was a fun night. I got started a little late because, well it was slow, and people kept asking for specific videos, but I started singing a little before 9:00pm, and then fit in precisely three rotations before about 2:05am. We had something like 44 different singers over the course of the night.

sugarbare and Brian were (1) amazingly, there, and (2) kind enough to run around gathering tips for me. I did quite well in that department. I also spent most of the night with bills stuck in various parts of my anatomy.

timenchanter had showed up expecting to help bluize out for the evening, only to find she was apparently in Oregon. There were a few Dante jokes last night. Fortunately Carrie was there to help him out, too. He definitely got a workout - at one point, he delayed singing for about 4 songs before announcing on the mic that "You guys can wait 4 minutes for your drinks." Of course, he also made a hell of a lot of money in tips.

We had quite a run of familiar faces, including sparkle_journal, jackal_logic, genuine_snark (who got the most people on the dance floor with The Safety Dance), the aforementioned Tank Girl (who seems to look younger every time I see her), the very yummy candiddani, markobellydance, celticnoor, hollyk, and many, many others.

Devon (the male one) showed up again, with a girl named Missy in tow. I swear I've seen her before (and she's the sort one wouldn't tend to miss), but I can't remember where or when right now.

Around 1:30am or so, a rather drunk Nate-o grabbed a mic, and decided he'd be a virtual princesskiti22. That was... entertaining. At least he knew he sucked...

The best part was Kirsten. She and Lindsy (yes, that Kirsten) decided they'd be Cursten and Tailor. Because of erasures, her name on the board looked kind of like Curslen. In Nate-o's mind, that became Carlson, and when corrected, went to Kristen and stuck.

So yeah, a fun, fun night. And I haven't even mentioned foxypinkninja in her bikini and sarong.

Speaking of which, Timmie, Elly, kizmet100 and I had some Denny's afterwards, where we ran into Geo and Tank Girl. That was nice - I got some extra flirting time in (not to mention getting flashed).

And then home and complete collapse. I've been up for a little over an hour, and am considering what to do with my day. I actually don't have anything planned, which is kind of nice - though I may be joining Tobi later, and there's apparently something going on at Marko and Kristi's sometime...

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Belly dance! That would explain it!

I probably saw her during the Club Spice show...

And yep, planetary conjunction is about the only thing that makes sense.

Or maybe just the attractive force of that top you were wearing. I gotta say, the knot on that thing was very, very tempting.

AWWWWW it sounds like loads of fun! It was really entertaining for me to get a phone call first from Devon saying "Nate-o's trying to be you & he sux, he doesn't have the boobs for it" then a call from Nate-o saying "I'm trying to be you and failing miserably".

It sounds like quite a night, I'm sorry I missed it, though you bet your ass I was having some fun of my own last nite (as much as I love everyone up there I certainly missed being surrounded by straight men pretty constantly)

It was lots of fun. As I said, Elly was wearing a bikini and this sarong skirt thing, and at one point made some comment about being surprised that no-one had tugged off her skirt - at which point Nate-o and Maggie complied.

This was out in front. Apparently one of the visiting lesbians saw this and said "This place is crazy!"

And I don't think Nate-o's problem was lack of boobs. More likely just a tad too little blood in his alcohol system...

Glad to hear you're entertaining yourself. :-)

The energy last night was pretty phenomenal, wasn't it? There was a Sylvan show that was somewhat better for me, but I think that's probably my second favorite of yours.

Next time I actually walk in with cash, I'm hitting your tip jar twice!